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Saturday, April 27, 2013

A pretty long-standing establishment, I've always missed out on this place as my attention had always gone to the Food Republic stalls instead. Sighting a queue even at 9pm, way past dinner time, it was probably a sign of the good food that awaits us.

Recommended for their signature 'Shiok Maki', it indeed left me feeling shiok and satisfied at the end of our meal. Don't expect good service at the constantly packed bar, and be sure to state all your requests (cutlery, extra servings of sauces, drinks etc) at one go when you manage to grab hold of their service crew. But well, with a satisfying meal, I'm pretty willing to forgo the service!

 Seafood Fried Rice ($10)

Compared to all the makis, this is perhaps the most value-for-money dish. I was told by my friend who's a frequent patron that this doesn't do justice to their usual standards. I was appalled when greeted with such poorly presented plate of fried rice, with prawns and rice tossed messily over the plate, and many sticky balls of rice clumped together. Taste-wise, I liked how there was the taste of 'wok-hei' (the flavour infused when you fry quickly over very high heat, with very slight burnt taste), and just enough flavour of the egg. I thought the seafood was a tad overcooked though, it lost the juiciness and natural sweetness, being overwhelmed by the entire flavour of the fried rice.

A decent plate in my opinion, though I would have been more satisfied without all the lumpy portions that weren't fried properly, and a stronger taste of seafood to live up to what it's named.

Nom Factor: 7.0/10

Fried Salmon Skin ($4)

We ordered this on a whim to satisfy our cravings! Despite it being super unhealthy and fattening, it was still way too tempting for us to give up on this. A great dish to just munch along when you're bored of the other dishes, every bite left me with a satisfying crunch! It probably wasn't the freshest oil used in the frying, but it was done just nice such that you don't really taste the bitterness of it. The only downside? Serving was perhaps too small! 

Nom Factor: 7.5/10

Tofu Hotplate ($6)

This was what started my 'wow' journey, where I managed to really get impressed by what was coming  to our tables. Delicate tofu protected with a thin crisp layer and drizzled with their savory sauce, the slight grainy breaded skin indeed went well with the whole combination! Finish it fast while it's still hot though! We got distracted after our table was filled with other equally delectable dishes and ended up neglecting this till we were too full to finish it! 

Nom Factor: 8.5/10

Ebi Tempura Maki ($8)

This was an okay dish, nothing that really stood out except for the generous amount of fish roe they had. The prawns were fresh and had a nice crunch to it, but you can find it pretty easily at any other sushi places as well. Thought the price was too steep for such an ordinary dish though!

Nom Factor: 6.5/10

Crappy Maki ($18)

Mesmerised by the super generous serving of fish roe, this caught my attention straight away. With soft shell crab at the core, complemented with a sinful slab of swordfish belly and seemingly free-flow fish roe, this definitely packs a punch! I'm usually afraid of soft shell crabs being over fried, leaving a bitter after taste and feeling of being too oily, but this was done just right. It had a very thin yet crisp later of batter, and didn't leave the sickening oily feel after that. The crispiness was then caught up with the smooth and fattening swordfish belly. 

Well, I'm not a fan of sashimi, so in this aburi (roasted fish topping that's partly grilled and partly raw), it got abit too 'jelat' for me with the raw parts. If you're not a fan of sashimi, give it a shot too nonetheless! And leave the rest to your sashimi-loving friends :P 

Nom Factor: 8.5/10 

Shiok Maki ($16.80)

This is the signature, which I'm told that it's only prepared by the boss of the restaurant. It's perhaps the only dish that's prepared on the bar counter top instead of the kitchen like all other dishes. A seemingly simple dish with the combination of unagi and avocado wrapped in seaweed and rice, it was all brought to another level when coupled with the sauce! Though creamy, the slight tanginess added a refreshing twist such that it doesn't leave you feeling 'jelat' but instead wanting more after each bite! And of course, there can never be enough fish roe! (; 

Nom Factor: 9.0/10

Addicted to the sauce, I never knew you can get extra servings! Luckily my friend who's a regular patron came with me! In case you've ran out of Shiok Maki, reminisce the resemblance of its flavour by dipping everything else into this wonder sauce!  

No doubt that it's a little on the pricier side for its sushi, but I got to give in to the great combinations and quality of the dishes. Some misses of course, but I would definitely go back for second servings of shiok maki and to give the seafood fried rice a second chance!

Overall Nom Factor: 8.5/10
435 Orchard Road
Wisma Atria Shopping Centre 
Singapore 238877

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