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Saturday, August 09, 2014

Popular in Bali and Jakarta under the brands of Potato Head Beach Club and Potato Head Garage respectively, this latest branch in Singapore is gaining quick popularity especially for their cocktails and ambience.

Housing 3 different concepts under one roof, the second floor was a casual Three Buns, for their homemade burgers; third floor for Studio 1939, a reservations-only bar in an artsy studio for bespoke and craft cocktails, and finally The Rooftop, home to their own herbs, plants and tropical flowers, serving tiki cocktails (rum-based mixed drinks).

We went there at about 4plus, after a sumptuous meal at The Lokal and couldn't stomach any more burgers hence going for their sides to share. Thankful to catch them at the off-peak, there wasn't any queue though the portion upstairs was cordoned off.

With a menu that was pretty limited in choices for food - one-third of food, sides and desserts and another two-thirds for drinks/cocktails, we had quite an easy time deciding on the Naughty Fries and Zesty Lemon Pot Head.

Naughty Fries ($9)
spiced béarnaise, hot beef chili, crisp shallots, parmesan & sesame seeds 

Instead of the typical fries, it was thin round potato crisps shaped like taco chips for easier dipping to get more flavours in a mouthful. I loved the consistent crisp and how the usual cheese topping was replaced with spiced béarnaise (somewhat similar to hollandaise sauce except in the flavoring used), so that it blends in well without having a distinct cheesy flavour. Something that I would be going back for!

Zesty Lemon Pot Head ($6)   

When they said indulgent individual dessert pots, I wasn't expecting it to come in a pseudo takeaway container with a sticker on top. A terribly small portion that was nothing like a 'pot', it was one to pack bold zesty flavours within. A sharp citrus zest that grew onto my palate, it was just a tad too creamy for my liking. I would have preferred something lighter though the zesty kick was still a satisfying one.

Mains menu start from $18, with a choice of 6 burgers.

David Bromley, an Australian artist who'd been the inspiration for Studio 1939 with modern art pieces and bespoke cocktails

An ideal place to simply sit and chill, we loved the quiet time we had on our visit. While we were too full to try out other items on the menu, it's a place that we'd return to check out their cocktails while enjoying the ambience at night. We've heard that queues start to form from 7pm onwards, so be slightly earlier if you're checking them out!

Verdict has been left out as we have not tried enough of their items to give an accurate one :)

Potato Head Folk
36 Keong Saik Road 
Singapore 089143
Tel: 63271939 

Opening Hours:
 Tuesdays - Sundays
11am - Midnight 

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