[HK] Top 8 egg tarts in Hong Kong

Wednesday, August 13, 2014

I'm a big fan of egg tart so I'm extremely picky considering it's one of my most favourite food! Quite frankly, after searching extensively for the best egg tart in Hong Kong, I still haven't come across any that I'd fall in love with. Taste is subjective though as everyone has their own preference and palate, so it's always open for debate. This post serves as a guide to help foodies who want more than just the usual Hong Kong classic Tai Cheong's egg tart and showcase what else Hong Kong has to offer for this lovely pastry!

Egg tart may look very simple, but it requires precision in baking techniques and accuracy in the quantity of ingredients to create the perfect egg tart. From our own baking experience, learning through trial and error is probably one of the most common taken paths to accomplishing the desired egg tart. So, what makes a good egg tart?

Firstly, it is always best to consume egg tarts while it's still pipping hot and fresh straight from the oven (新鮮熱辣蛋撻)! It has to have the right portion and balance between the egg filling and crust shell; on the aesthetics, the filling layer has to look smooth and shiny; texture wise, the egg custard has to be soft and moist, crumbly for cookie-base, flaky and crispy for pastry-base; and most importantly in terms of flavours, it has to have a strong eggy taste and buttery aroma.

Cheung Heung Yuen Restaurant 祥香園茶餐廳

This traditional, local and old operation style of Cha Chaan Teng (Hong Kong cafe) with numerous years of history, they are famous for their egg tart, milk tea and cocktail bun! This egg tart has a cookie-based which means that the buttery flavour would be much stronger than the pastry-based egg tart. I loved the fragrant crumbly melt-in-your-mouth cookie base that the strong buttery aroma still lingered in my mouth. The custard looked glossy though the eggy flavour could be stronger.

Do enjoy an afternoon tea of their freshly baked delicacies or noodle dish and signature milk tea in the nostalgic setting.

107 Belcher's Street, Kennedy Town, Western District
(+852) 2855 7911

Hoover Cake Shop  豪華餅店

This has to be my personal favourite out of all 8 egg tart places, I loved the fact that its appearance with its glossy layer on top was so amazing that I'm drooling by looking at it right now! It was the creamiest and had the strongest egg flavour among all with a right balance of sweetness, the puff pastry was extremely flaky and crispy as well. However a major drawback would be the crust was slightly overcooked as the burnt could be tasted in every mouthful, and the filling was kind of overpowered by it.

There's always a queue for their bread and cakes (not just egg tarts), so do look out for their freshly baked food and most importantly their egg tart!

136 Nga Tsin Wai Road, Kowloon City
(+852) 2382 0383

Happy Cake Shop  快樂餅店

A little old local bakery that has been operating for more than 30 years along the main road of Wan Chai, the locals who live near the area know very well when egg tarts are freshly baked. Certainly I don't, I have tried their egg tart on two occasions. Considering the first time it was a takeaway, I gave it another chance as I was disappointed by its quality. The second attempt was when I consumed their egg tart right after purchase.

Luckily, the second trial was better than the first. I loved the silky smooth tofu-like texture but I didn't like the fact that the pastry base had not been cooked through as there's still a stack of flour within the tart base. It is definitely a fail if you intend to bake puff pastry egg tart with lack of layers. On a side note, their butterfly puff pastry 'palmier' was another hit.

G/F, No. 106 Queen's Road East, Wan Chai
(+852) 2528 1391

Honolulu Coffee Shop  檀島咖啡餅店

A pity that the photo didn't justify the quality of this tart, but if you like your egg tart base pastry-like, I personally find that Honolulu has the best flaky pastry in Hong Kong. Being its pastry made of lard, you won't taste oily but instead it would instantly melt in your mouth and you could really see the distinct layers.

Another Cha Chaan Teng that serves the usual HK cafe food such as satay beef noodle and beef macaroni, but I would give that a miss as standard has dropped tremendously. To save some stomach space for good food, just go for their egg tarts!

G/F & Mezz Floor, 176-178 Hennessy Rd., Wan Chai
(+852) 2575 1823

Kam Wah Cafe  金華冰廳

Probably all HK foodie tourists know about this Cha Chaan Teng, they have now extended another store beside the original one. There's nothing much to rave about their egg tart though. The filling was soft, smooth and bouncy, and had a subtle sweetness, however I found it lack of egg flavour regardless of its solid strong yellow colour tone. Despite the tart crust had a strong buttery taste, we prefer the base a tad thicker to give the right balance to the filling.

You can still give it a shot if you prefer your egg tart thin crust with generous filling, and if you are around Prince Edward area (near Mong Kok), otherwise I would give their egg tart a miss. Apart from that, their Bo Lo Yao (buttered pineapple bun), Mexican bun and Cocktail bun are the must-tries!

G/F, 47 Bute Street, Prince Edward

Kam Fung Restaurant  金鳳茶餐廳

A good egg tart shouldn't have shrinkage on the surface and a split or separation between the filling and crust. All these 8 places did not have such problem of separation, but for the egg tart above it seemingly had a slight shrinkage in the middle. It is normal that the egg custard would collapse a bit upon cooling down due to the custard puffing up during baking. However, it is the chef's skill that they should be proud of if he can be able to avoid that.

The outer pastry is crispy but it was noticeable that the tart base was messy and lacked flakiness. I would prefer the custard portion to be more generous in order to achieve the right balance of egg and pastry taste.

G/F, Spring Garden Mansion, 41 Spring Garden Lane, Wan Chai
+852 2572 0526

Po Shing Cake Shop 寶城餅店

This bakery is our all-time favourite for its freshly baked loaf bread. I loved the fact that it is the traditional kind of shop in HK that sells their goodness with humane touch. The cookie-base egg tart was just so simple and delicious. It packed full of buttery flavour with a tinge of salty and crumbly texture, where the egg custard was velvety smooth with a genuine taste of egg and a bit of sweetness. But you would have to travel all the way to New Territories for that!

Shop 6 G/f, Po Shing Bldg, 88 Kau Yuk Road,, Yuen Long
(+852) 2477 4874

Tai Cheong Bakery 泰昌餅家

I need not say much about Tai Cheong's egg tart as you can almost find it everywhere in Hong Kong. Well, it was not the best one I've had but it had all the elements a simple good egg tart should have, buttery crumbly crust with a silky smooth eggy filling. A very standardised egg tart indeed due to its chain store operation, this way you could always enjoy an 'okay' tart almost wherever you are but you will never get a perfect egg tart that is filled with heart. However, you will also sometimes get a bad quality one at those small bakeries when chefs have a moody day. Another worthy-try is 沙翁 'Chinese Donut'!

G/F, 35 Lyndhurst Terrace, Central

Please forgive my picky palate...And I'm still on a hunt for the best egg tart, so do let me know if you guys come across any calories-worthy ones!

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