[SG] Flee Away Cafe | an escapade from the bustling streets of Little India

Wednesday, August 27, 2014

At the end of a hectic work week, wouldn't you want to wind down and relax in a quiet spot, enjoying the serenity as time goes by? Borne out of such belief, Lynn decides to have a space of her own for diners to flee away from reality.

Juxtaposed against the bustling streets of Little India along Dunlop Street, you could sense an immediate change in ambient mood as you step through the doors of the cafe. The details on display renders you to slow down and take a second look.

Lynn, the owner and inspiration behind their local dishes with a twist

'Boxed stalls' with unique items for sale

Tau Kwa Salad with Grilled Chicken Sausages ($12.50)

A dish of varied textures, this gives typical salad go-ers a twist with the savoury slices of tau kwa and chicken sausage. A bowl that packs much within, it is unlike the usual perception of salads we have that's likely to leave you hungry for more after. It was just a tad dry, though one could argue that salad dressings would defeat the purpose of a healthy salad bowl! 

Beef Hash Pie Tee ($12.50/6pcs)

Using the shells of the usual Kueh Pie Tee, its filling is replaced by minced beef to be stuffed inside. The crisp of the fresh shells went well with the well-seasoned minced beef, though I was expecting some crunchy bits as the usual kueh pie tee would have provided that mix of textures in a mouthful. Taste-wise, it still sat well with most on our table, with the right salinity for its beef hash. 

Le Char Kuey with Dry Laksa ($15.50)

A signature that's deemed as a must-try over here, you've got to ignore how much calories it packs. Le Char Kuey basically refers to the special bun, custom made with a blend of dough fritters (油条) for the crispness outside, and fluffy baguette on the inside. It comes with 10 different fillings, with dry laksa being their most popular.

Slightly spiced and well-seasoned, it was an addictive one with chewy thick noodles and crisp skin. A good dish for sharing just in case it gets slightly overwhelming!

Le Char Kuey with Coleslaw ($12.50)

This was a refreshing one as I loved the fresh crunch in each mouthful. It was just slightly too creamy though the blend of vegetables helped in the illusion that it wasn't that sinful. Okay, don't remind me of the dressing. 

Le Char Kuey with Chicken Bak Kwa, Crushed Crackers and Wasabi Mayo ($15.50)

This was one that won the hearts of all on my table. Surprisingly, the tangy wasabi mayo complemented the savoury bakkwa slices well enough so that it doesn't overwhelm, with the crackers lending good textures to the crisp sandwich. 

Chicken Luncheon Meat Chips ($10.50)

Fans of spam fries would probably cheer at these spam chips fresh from the deep fryer. I've always avoided these but my dining companions enjoyed these freshly fried chips, crisp in every bite.

Waffle with Gula Melaka Pudding ($8.50)

An interesting dessert with a ball of sago seeds, we were supposed to drizzle gula melaka and coconut milk over it. While the chewy sago seeds tasted unique, its waffle didn't quite impress as it was a tad too stiff. Good thing that Lynn, the owner of Flee Away, was receptive to feedback, and you can hopefully expect better waffles when you visit :)

Irish Cream Mud Pie ($8.50)

A sweet ending to any meal, this is a safe choice with abundance of tempting chocolate flakes. While its name of Irish Cream was pretty misleading, think of it as a chocolate and vanilla ice-cream slice to reconcile with your palates. We would have preferred its chocolate base to be thicker as chocoholics would be sure to fall in love with it! 

On a side note, in this session with the Nikon team, we were also given a chance to experiment with different models and most importantly with photography tips to help amateurs like me with some casual Q&A with their technical person. 

Array of Nikon cameras! 

And, if you haven't heard of OpenSnap, it's a full-feature app that allows you to browse for nearby good eats, check out others' reviews and helps integrate your reviews and photos into your own customised collections! Don't say I bo jio, check it out on your Google Play or Apple App store! 

P.S: Thank you Reka and Openrice team for the invitation, Nikon team for sharing great photography tips and of course, Lynn for hosting us! 

Overall Verdict: 7.0/10

Flee Away Cafe
70 Dunlop Street 
Singapore 209398
Tel: 63417843

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