OpenSnap | Singapore's 1st full-feature food app!

Saturday, May 10, 2014

While working in Hong Kong, OpenRice has always been the go-to food portal when we were running out of dining ideas and needed a quick recommendation in the area. Upon returning to Singapore, we continued using the local version but a new brainchild was recently created in the form of OpenSnap!

OpenSnap is more than a mobile app with the latest iCloud technology. It is a way of life, a dedicated and personalised online photo album for food lovers to share their food journey! With a database of more than 1 million restaurants in Asia and a presence in 9 countries, it is truly a proxy to finding calories-worthy food for both locals and tourists! does OpenSnap work?

1) You can download the app for free at Apple Store or Google Play!

2) Login with either your Facebook or OpenRice account. (If you are already a current OpenRice user like us, OpenSnap automatically synchronizes your previous photo uploads, reviews, etc)

3) With the app and smartphone's built-in GPS function, it allows you to browse for nearby dining options up to 2km in radius from where you are! So if you are like us, i.e. constantly struggling to find out good food around you in less familiar areas, this would help tremendously!

4) You could even check out some of the reviews written by OpenRicers before deciding if that restaurant is worth trying. Did you spot our "Editor's Choice" review? 

5) On your end, you could take a photo of the food that you are eating, edit with photo-enhancing filters and even add localised stickers before posting onto your personalised OpenSnap!

6) You could also #hashtag photos and share the location of the particular restaurant to allow your friends or fellow OpenSnap foodies to learn more about calories-worthy food places! You could even share it to your Facebook, Twitter and even Weibo accounts!

7) Last but not least, build your community of friends and fellow OpenSnap foodies out there!

While there has been much criticism surrounding photo-taking of food, I personally find that it is an integral part of life's journey and especially so if you are a foodie! What we liked about OpenSnap is that it helps to integrate the photos and reviews into your own customised collection but more importantly, it serves as a food-finding tool! Join us (mycc) in building your own food diary and community on OpenSnap!

Special thanks to Katrina and the OpenRice team for having us at the official launch event for OpenSnap with a lovely complementary lunch at Flutes!

Smoked salmon rosettes | blinis, citrus, bottarga, crème fraiche
Seared fillet of barramundi | white bean ragout, mixed herbs

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