[SG] making your calories count at Bugis Food Junction!

Monday, May 19, 2014

Unveiling the first thematic food haven through Food Junction at Bugis, it is a place where good local cuisine forms a reunion with art. A milestone first, Food Junction collaborates with The RICE Company Limited to showcase the first collection of art pieces for the Art Walls, a stretch of three walls within the Art Market specially dedicated for Singapore's young and talented artists.

The paintings were contributed in a bid to raise funds for the less privileged artists and all net proceeds go to The Business Times Budding Artists Fund and The Straits Times School Pocket Money Fund. With a debut theme of Marine Life, the Art Walls will display a new collection every quarter.

Not only does Food Junction serve mouth-watering local dishes but the new layout was constructed with the customers in mind by having handicapped-friendly features such as ramps and power points, it also has interesting snippets of illustration that injects a dose of youth in the dining halls!

Expect to enjoy a diverse range of local favourites in comfort as Food Junction offers familiar home brands such as Odeon beef noodles, etc.

The gravy of the beef noodles had a robust flavour and the succulent beef slices complemented the crunchy beansprouts and al dente yellow noodles. Definitely a recommended dish for those who have a palate for savoury delights.

If you are in the appetite for some Malay food, do try the Ayam Penyet (smashed fried chicken)! The fried chicken was smashed to tenderize the meat and it was succulent with a nice crust to complement the texture. Expect a fiery kick from the belachan chilli!

When it comes to local dishes, bak chor mee is a clear favourite and Food Junction hosts the famous Capitol Puay Heng Minced Meat Noodles. Having started the business behind Capital Theatre, it is currently in the good management of the second generation. What I enjoyed was the balanced combination of black vinegar, chilli and mushroom gravy to give that desired unami punch.

Soup Guru is apparently the first stall among the various food courts to sell soup since September 2010. Famous for serving double boiled soup, we tried Blissful which was a chicken-based broth with wolf-berries and white fungus. This collagen-rich dish would appeal to most ladies and gents but what made it a favourite even among the younger generation is the choice of ingredients. They are mostly non-herbal so it would not overwhelm with a bitter or even strong flavours.

The owner of the Soup Guru actually started his business with Hokkien mee and carrot cake dishes. While his soup dishes were impressive, the Hokkien mee was equally palatable with the right among of wok hei to the stir-fry. With a generous serving of prawn and the oomph of the belachan, the crispy pork lard pieces gave that sublime crunch that made all the difference.

So simple yet so good, how is it ever possible to resist some golden brown beautifully barbecued chicken wings? Succulent on the inside and a nice crisp skin, we had to help ourselves to the chicken with our hands instead!

What is a good meal without desserts? While most food courts have the usual stall selling classics such as Ice Kachang, Chendol, etc, Food Junction at Bugis offers YogurBerry, a yoghurt brand from Korea. The preferred choice for Hollywood celebrities such as Paris Hilton, Britney Spears and even Miley Cyrus,

When it comes to desserts indulgence, it does not have to be cheating but rather it can also be about eating healthy! Apart from the known fact that it is low fat and low calories, Yogurberry has less than 0.5% of fat and less than 98kcal a 100gm. Yogurberry is also the first and only yoghurt brand whose products have a glycemic index (GI) lower than 19 which is the benchmark for healthier food choices. Enhanced with crystalline fructose, sugar obtained from natural fruits, Yogurberry has a natural sweetness that matches the sourness from yoghurt.

Yogurberry allows customers to be creative and customise their own desserts and every portion of yoghurt is charged according to weight.

Photo credit: Yogurberry

Although not all flavours are available, expect some delicious treats with the original flavour, green tea, strawberry, passion fruit and green apple!

Photo credit: Food Junction

We are pleased to share that all art pieces featured at Food Junction The Art Wall received bids within an hour of the launch!

While food court usually gives the impression of a go-to place for a quick local meal in the comfort of an air-conditioned environment, Food Junction at Bugis offers a larger cause other than a satisfactory meal. Do drop-by today to support and catch a glimpse of the art exhibits put together by Singapore's young and talented artists!

P.S: Special thanks to Er Han for the invitation!

Food Junction at Bugis Junction
#03-30 Bugis Junction, 
200 Victoria Street,
Singapore 188021

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