[SG] Vanilla Bar & Cafe | satisfying mains with cosy ambience

Tuesday, May 27, 2014

A cosy dining space with the minimalist approach, it was packed by the time we arrived at about 7pm, left with only the door seat that was pretty cramped. 

Nonetheless, service was prompt and we didn't have to wait long for our dishes to arrive.

Pulled Pork Sandwich ($11.90)

A classic done well, the sandwich was toasted perfectly with tender pork shreds tossed in BBQ sauce. We'd enjoyed the savouriness of the dish, and this was simple, comfort food. 

Aburi Boston Lobster Linguine ($23.90)

Wow-ed by its presentation as we weren't quite expecting a half-sized lobster with shell, the crustacean came fresh, topped with mentaiko sauce. What could be improved would be the linguine though, as it was pretty bland and dry. 

Ribeye Steak with Shiraz Reduction ($18.90) 

I'm usually skeptical about steaks, especially when this paled in comparison when the Boston Lobster was first served. Slicing it up changed my impression though, with medium done-ness despite it being pretty thin. What managed to impress was the accompanying Shiraz reduction, that came with a slight tang and right salinity to complement the steak perfectly.    

Spam Fries ($10.90)

A tad too thick, this seemed more like the home-made luncheon meat cut into strips then pan-fried instead of the thinly sliced fries we were expecting. And certainly overpriced for such a dish! 

Mentaiko Baked Crab ($10.90)

I'm a fan of mentaiko and this could do with a more generous serving of that. It had too much of a 'fishy' taste to it, putting us off at the first mouthful. 

Durian Creme Brûlée ($8.80)

With such a small plate it was placed in, torching it meant warming the entire dish and I wasn't exactly a fan of warm creme brûlées. Durian taste in it was just nice though, not too overwhelming for a dessert, though its portion didn't quite justify for its price. 

Word of caution, don't try their milkshakes as it's absolutely sugar-loaded and the strawberry milkshake simply reminded us of meiji strawberry.   

Hits and misses, it's quite a good spot for some casual chat over dinner and convenient enough to hop off somewhere else for drinks.

Overall Verdict: 7.0/10
3 Boon Tat Street #01-01
Singapore 069612

Tel: 6423 0366

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