About Us

Behind the scene...

We are three down-to-earth food lovers who wish to share our food journey through this humble journal, mycc. When it comes to food, our principle is to make your calories count, where we believe firmly that one should always enjoy calories-worthy food. We appreciate and respect the creations of all types of food, treat all cuisines equal and most importantly be thankful that we are in a position to enjoy.

A memoir started by cy and tmcy when they met while studying in UK, the couple was bonded by their passion for good food. Through mycc, they seek to share their journey of food exploration through their years of living in UK, Malaysia, Hong Kong and now Singapore. Joined by cy's sister, swee, who equally shares an affection for gourmet food, she is a foodie who would travel across borders in search for an exclusive dining experience. Together, the family of trio seeks to explore the culinary scene in Singapore and the region. 

Our independent reviews are written with the purpose of sharing good food to equal culinary enthusiasts. As each of us trio has an unique palate, we try to compromise our findings at tastings to present the overall verdict. 

We hope that you would enjoy our collection and if you wish to be in touch, please do not hesitate to contact us today!