[SG] A Curious Teepee

Tuesday, March 27, 2012

A lifestyle shop located at *Scape Orchard, A Curious Teepee got me curious with the raving reviews and interesting photos of their desserts. Being a dessert lover, how could I possible give this a miss!

Part cafe, part shop selling interesting accessories, apparels, bags, shoes, and unique random things, it is a breeding ground for all budding designers. I first got to know about it through an exhibition that a social arts group, Migrant Voices, held there. Holding exhibition for a good cause, naturally I had good impression of the place being supportive of local social causes and decided to go back there and try out their desserts after their service staff told me how awesome the waffles are (while helping me gather more details of the exhibition) and how it's sold out very quickly all the time!

Taking her word for it, I decided to go back and tried the following:
The must-try waffles!

If you like light and fluffy waffles, this is the one for you! The surface is toasted to the right level of crispiness where it crunches as you sink your teeth into it yet not breaking into small pieces that leaves it too crumbly to be eaten neatly. Cutting it open, you see a very thin layer of flour which doesn't give the very 'kueh-ish' taste to it. Well beaten batter toasted to crisp thin waffles, drizzled with a generous serving of maple syrup, this has got to be what happiness is all about! One of the best waffles I've tried so far, I would highly recommend this to waffle lovers! Forget Daily Scoop or Waffle Town, come unlock your curiousity instead. That said, this is the only thing worth coming for, out of the desserts I've tried. 

If you're planning to come over a weekend, make sure you arrive early! It is usually sold out before 5pm but on a separate occasion I went, the waffles were sold out by 3pm on a Sunday.   

Chocolate Fudge Cake

Nothing impressive, in fact I think it wasn't good enough to be a fudge cake. It tasted more like a moister version of sponge cake and didn't have too much of the sticky fudge flavour to it. 

Apple Drummer

Impressive presentation, disappointing taste though. I'd had high expectations of it especially reading reviews of how good this was. Well, in my very honest opinion, it was only good as a display item. The bottom portion was made up of a sponge cake-like texture wrapping apple bits in the middle of the tower. The cake part was a little too thick, making the first few mouthfuls very dull as we couldn't taste the apple flavour at all. It was only when we dug deeper to finally uncover the apple bits (similar to that you find in MacDonald's apple pie). It was made worse when it was served at room temperature, when I was expecting a piping hot combination in order for it to highlight the contrast with the ice cream that came with it. Perhaps the vanilla ice cream was the only redeeming factor. 

Overall verdict, I would recommend this place only for its waffles. So go there early to enjoy the waffles, else you can give this place a miss if you're in town only at about 5plus onwards. A bit overpriced, but I would say, worth it for the premium waffles!

Overall nom factor: 6.0/10
Waffles nom factor: 9.0/10 

A Curious Teepee
*Scape Orchard #02-24
(Right above Long John Silver)

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