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Thursday, September 06, 2012

I've never thought much about jars before, except how it can be used to contain the little trinkets to clear up my desk usually. So when I saw these little jars appearing in food related posts, I couldn't help but wonder what sort of food can be placed inside and how would it taste like.  

Located in an unassuming estate of Everton Park, it wasn't quite the conventional place to visit unless you happened to pass by the Duxton/Neil Road area. It took me quite a number of turns and getting lost in the small roads before I've managed to reach the place. It isn't difficult to roughly locate the area of Grin Affair from there, with a bit of observation skills. It seems like quite a popular haunt for people around there, as you can easily spot parts of their packaging stating 'Grin Affair' and some stickers along the way (at least on the day I went), feeling like Hansel and Gretel.  

It's easy to miss this place if you aren't exactly searching for it. Sadly, the first time I went, it happened to be closed. Making a second trip down, the exterior wasn't very much different from this, except the metal  shutter that was up. It didn't make much of a difference actually, as it was quite dark inside and one might easily mistake it for some factory store. 

It isn't really a place conducive for you to sit and chill as it's a pretty small area and I didn't exactly like the dark and rather shabby interior. The people were really friendly though, giving you ample time to study their menu and they were quite efficient. Something to note though, they don't provide carriers unless you buy 4 jars and above, an environmentally friendly and cost-cutting move I suppose, but I thought it was quite dangerous too since they were glass jars. Plus, the jars were only covered with the sheet of paper and not secured with a lid, making it more fragile. Luckily I happened to have an extra carrier with me, so bring one if you're intending to buy just a few to try out. 

Mocha ($6)

The description wrote mocha pudding with sour cherries and chocolate chips. First taste of it, I thought the chocolate was too overpowering and it felt like a sinful chocolate dessert instead. It didn't have the texture of a pudding, it felt more like a harder version of mousse but that was just the top layer. Digging into it further, I had another mouthful without the top layer and I could finally taste a stronger tinge of coffee in it. I like the different layers of sponge cake that was very finely made and some refreshing bursts of cherries with crunchy bits of chocolate. There was an element of surprise and almost every mouthful tasted different.

The cherries, though, could have been better if it was juicier and in bigger pieces as it tasted almost like a slightly moist raisin. It was also abit too sweet for my liking and perhaps the chocolate taste could have been cut down slightly.

Nom Factor: 7.0/10

Strawberry ($5.50)

I've always been a fruity person so this was a must-try for me. This sat well with me with its light and refreshing flavour. The strawberries if taken on its own were slightly sourish but it went well with the custard mousse that was lightly sweetened and the fine texture of the sponge cake. It was a good combination, simple and tasted great! 

Nom Factor: 8.0/10

Desserts in a jar, an interesting concept that's been finely executed. If you're having a sweet tooth and feel like snacking without feeling sinful, this is quite a good fix. (Note that it's just mere feeling, as the small jars made me feel like I haven't ate alot. Depending on the flavours, it might still be quite a sinful indulgence!) I really like their sponge cake that has been used as a base for both but differently flavoured. It's extremely fine and light that it almost melts in your mouth, and it's nothing like the usual sponge cake you can get off the typical neighbourhood bakeries.

I'm not too sure though if I would pay the price again for the rather small serving portion. Well, I was quite deceived when I first saw photos, thinking of jam jars. Be warned that it's pretty small, each jar can fit into the size of a palm easily.

Overall Nom Factor: 7.5/10   
Blk 3 Everton Park 

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