[SG] Matt's The Chocolate Shop

Thursday, November 08, 2012

A shop born out of Matt's pursuit for the best chocolate cake, it was quite an unassuming shop that you'd easily miss. By the time we reached at about 5.45pm, the entire shop was empty and the long stretch to the counter made it quite intimidating for us to approach. Thankfully we decided to go in after all and I was quite surprised to see nothing but chocolate cakes on their menu. It's either the small one or the huge round cake, and a choice of having there or takeaway. 

I was expecting alot more as shops would usually still have quite a couple more varieties and probably a signature anchor dish. But this was just, as the shop name says it all - chocolate cakes and nothing more. The extreme specialisation made me wonder and set pretty high expectations for what I was about to taste. 

All that was left by the time we reach. $4 for each piece. 

The extremely long walkway in

My friend loves this with the checkboxes for various occasions. A pretty interesting idea, great for gifts!

A bite of it gave a very comfortable and homely feel. A simple looking piece without much decorations or fancy add-ons but it delivered happiness to our tastebuds. When Matt opened up a box a the big round cake, the smell was just too inviting for us not to get any back. 

It wasn't the fluffy sort, was pretty compact and you can taste the slightly rough texture of the cake just like those homemade brownies - but that just gave that added handmade touch to it. It was a tad too sweet for my liking and I didn't exactly like the kind of bitter aftertaste it left. 

I'm not a chocolate fan and this was just alright for me. My friend, though, has been hooked on it ever since and have been ordering from them almost on a weekly basis. Worth giving it a shot if you like the homemade sort of chocolate cakes. 

Nom Factor: 7.5/10
44 Amoy Street
Singapore 069870

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