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Thursday, February 28, 2013

Hidden behind serene corner of Bukit Timah, this was quite the perfect place to chill over lazy weekend brunches and a relaxing conversation. An excellent spot especially for those who drive, it's a pretty long stretch in before you finally spot the cafe. 

Tea Scones ($9)

Apparently they have limited quantity of scones for each day, so be sure to order it fast should your cravings strike. It was served warm with a nice crumbly crust to it. I would have liked it more buttery and with the insides just as crumbly. It passed as an average scone to me, good to satisfy any urgent cravings but probably not the best I've tried so far.

Nom Factor: 7.0/10 

Mocha ($4.50)

What better way to start the morning than a cup of coffee? Well, I wasn't really looking for a strong cup of coffee at that point in time but still this didn't manage to satisfy me. A tad too sweet and chocolate-y for my liking, would have preferred a lighter dose of chocolate and stronger coffee taste though!

Nom Factor: 6.5/10

Pacific Benedict ($16)
with Swimmer crab, spinach and shrimp hollandaise

A seafood lover and eggs ben fan, this was an absolute must-try for me when I first saw it on the menu. It caught my eyes immediately with its description and it didn't disappoint me with the generous amount of fresh crab meat that came in chunks hidden underneath the hollandaise sauce. This definitely passed the eggs benny test, with perfect runny yolk that happened too fast for me to capture it on tape. 

I felt that the shrimp taste in the hollandaise sauce was a tad overpowering though, masking the taste of the natural crab meat sweetness. It was too fishy in my opinion, when everything was combined together. Next time visiting, I would probably try asking for a change to the normal hollandaise sauce just to have a taste of the blend. Also, what would have added a more delightful touch to it would be a more toasted bread to add to that extra crunch amidst the runny eggs and sauce! 

Nonetheless, this was a satisfying dish for me, with a very refreshing twist to the usual eggs benedict that I've tried. 

Nom Factor: 8.5/10

The Usual ($16)
with back bacon, breakfast banger and mushrooms

The classics, just perfect for a good old breakfast craving. With perfect runny poached eggs on my friend's dish, I was really impressed by their dedication to serve quality food with consistency. Being too occupied with my runny eggs ben, I was too occupied to pay much attention to this. Judging by the quality of poached eggs and the satisfied smile on my friend's face, I reckoned this was quite a good dish as well. But of course, let us know if you think otherwise! (: 

Death by Chocolate Cake ($12)

What an apt name for the dessert, we really felt the effects setting in by the time we finished about half the cake. With hot fudge drizzled generously over the slice of chocolate cake, topped with vanilla ice cream, it was heavenly at first bite. And soon, the chocolate got into our system and numbed our taste buds, giving the extremely 'jelat' feeling. By the time we gave up, we were probably getting into a food-a-tose, with a bloating belly and satisfied stomach. 

The 3 of us found it a little difficult finishing (after an eggs meal each and a scone), so it might probably be perfect sharing item for 4 persons.  

Nom Factor: 7.0/10

Airy and cosy seating area, giving a good view of nature from both sides of the cafe

The view right beside, with horse owners in the stables cleaning their horses and walking them. Quite a relaxing scenery to take a break from the hustle bustle city life we're so used to!

Despite the inaccessibility, this would definitely be one of the places that I would come back again. Scoring high on its ambience and eggs ben, it has already won my heart. What with the great service and satisfactory food, it's definitely an appeal for those who wants to break away from city life and indulge in a peaceful meal. Do note that it's typically fully booked on weekends, so make your reservations early!

Overall Nom Factor: 8.0/10
51 Fairways Drive 
Singapore 286965
Bukit Timah Saddle Club
Tel: 6466 9819

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