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Tuesday, July 23, 2013

A prized recommendation, Tomi Sushi - located in Velocity at Novena Square offered a memorable lunch dining experience which I thought made our calories count. I could not reiterate further how important a good company or dining companion is when it comes to delivering the overall verdict of a dining experience. It was truly an enjoyable catch-up session with Ash over lunch and the treat was much appreciated!

Apart from the companion, how did the food fare?

Nigiri Sakura (S$28/++)

The sushi served on the plank had a good offering of the different types of seafood, each served with the top grade quality Niigata Koshihikari Japanese rice. Koshihikari was first created in 1956 by combining 2 different strains of Nourin No. 1 and 2 and harvested at Uonuma area of Niigata Prefecture which is typically the most expensive rice in Japan.

The protein-loaded fish sushi such as tuna was almost melt-in-your-mouth tender, still maintaining that beautiful freshness from sea. A lot of the seafood served were air-flown from Niigata and the quality was evident starting from the first bite. A particularly memorable one was the lovely cuttlefish which had a good crunchy texture to it. I found the wasabi spread underneath the fresh seafood too mild for our palate so we requested for a separate serving. The wasabi seemed like a freshly grated Japanese horseradish which had an initial sweetness followed by a strong flavour which imparted hotness akin to that of mustard. It then produced that typical vapour which stimulated our nasal passages rather than on the tastebuds. It was simply sublime.

On each table was a mini-tray which contained the two different types of sauces. The difference in taste between the two but it would be worth noting that the sashimi sauce was a special selection by Tomi Sushi while the traditionally brewed soy sauce would be suited for most sushi dishes. Admittedly, I found the difference marginal so I would recommend trying both to see which suits your palate more.

My set lunch came with the Tori Karage which was essentially deep-fried chicken portions with a beautiful golden-brown coating which did not taste excessively greasy. The marinade was light yet tasteful and what made it a worthy must-try was that flawless crispy surface complemented by a succulent, tender and moist inside. As a side dish, it also helped to add texture to the tray of sushi with its crispiness.

My set lunch came with the Chawanmushi which was an egg custard dish flavoured with soy sauce, dashi, mirin, shitake mushroom, boiled shrimp and served in a tea-cup like bowl. Upon scooping it up with a spoon, the first thing that struck me was the wobbly steamed egg which simply melted in our mouths and I could practically just swallow it. The fragrance was light and did not have that appalling eggy smell which I so clearly detest. The second memorable element served in the tray was that innocent-looking miso soup. It might not look quite as extraordinary but this miso soup was slow-cooked with the addition of salmon bones and flesh and you could not help but enjoy the lovely bits of that protein in the soup.

Verdict: 8.5/10

Lunch set of the day (S$30/++)

Ash ordered the lunch set of the day which was apparently a well-thought combination of food devised by the ingenious chefs behind the scenes. The crispy prawn dish dotted with sweet corn niblets gave a nice variation in texture with the premium sushi served which included the sea urchin. 

Umaki (S$14/++)

This looked too tempting for any tamago or unagi fans out there! The grilled egg with the layers of cooked egg held the delicate unagi (eel) in the middle and we thought that the flavours were well-balanced with a touch of sweetness and savouriness to enhance. While the tamago had that fragrant egg flavour to it, it was firm yet soft at the same time when you enjoy the layers of omelette. While all the elements relevant to tastes were good, I personally felt that it was rather expensive for just two servings.

Verdict: 8.0/10

If you fancy watching the chefs at work, by all means opt for a counter seat!

The service staffs were attentive and quick to respond to our requests. The green tea was served free and had free-refills. Catered to different types of dining customers and crowd, Tomi Sushi offers booth, table and private party room for up to 20 people. While the ingredients tasted fresh and premium, they did not come cheap either yet not extravagantly priced to the extent of Japanese fine-dining. It would serve as a good place to catch up with friends like what we did on this occasion though we had our lunch slightly earlier at about 12.15pm and reservations would be recommended. If you are after good quality seafood and sashimi, then Tomi Sushi would fit the bill for being the place-to-go-to with its range affordable choices on offer.

Tomi Sushi
238 Thomson Road
Novena Square (Velocity)
Singapore 307683
Tel: (+65) 6255 2355

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  1. I'm not a fan of sushi, but I love your food shots! Very enticing; this will appeal to my son :) Have a wonderful week, CY!

    Apology for not coming by lately. Just bought my own custom domain & busy with trying to configure my blogger a/c. I'm an idiot when it comes to these. Finally got it redirected. Next time gotta look into hosting. Lol!

    Oh, thks so much for adding me in your blog list! I'm delighted to be in your reading list :) U rock!

    1. Hi Shirley, great to have you back! I have been humbly following your blog ever since that first visit, just being in the shadow and not commenting! I am back in HK for a bit so stay tuned for some HK food entries coming up!

      I noticed the change in domain name and I think you are doing a great job! I completely understand the whole hassle that you have to go through for I just did the same with my blog not too long ago!

      Thanks for the kind compliments! I am still learning along the way from the other food bloggers and also trying to pick up important techniques and work on my composition for every shot. It was not as easy as I thought it to be unfortunately! I hope your son likes it and I would have earned myself another fan! :)

      Enjoy the rest of your week too Shirley and appreciate your message!! :)

  2. My Jap colleague just told me about this place literally 5 minutes ago, saying that they serve the best sashimi in Singapore, even by Japanese standards. You guys are awesome in finding this place out! definitely have to try this soon :)