[SG] Craft Bakery & Cafe - great place to chill over decent food!

Monday, September 23, 2013

Strolling down the streets of Holland Village on a lazy weekday afternoon, it seemed like the perfect spot to hide from the afternoon sun overhead. Quiet space in the day, it was a comfortable spot to be chilling with brunch and desserts, over some reading material or a quiet space for off-site working.

Unfortunately they didn’t seem to have any brunch menu, so forget about the eggs and sausages like what you’d expect at the usual cafes. Instead, their menu is mostly on sandwiches, coffee, and since they were the same people behind Three Inch Sin, you get to see the classic chocolate molten cakes as well.

Finally deciding upon the waffle sandwich, named ‘The Craft’, I thought it surely had to be one of their signatures, naming the dish after the shop itself!

The Craft Sandwich ($11.50)

Well, tbh, I was kinda taken aback upon my first sight. I surely didn’t recall seeing so much vegetables on its description! Then again, I could have been clouded by the maple candied bacon that caught my stomach’s attention already.

Crispy and light waffles, it went well with the green apple salad with loads of other shredded vegetables laden with a sweet salad sauce. Plain and crispy, it didn’t overwhelm the flavours of the salad with candied bacon if you were to have it together. However, as I tend to separate these out while eating, I thought the waffles were a tad too plain and would have preferred a stronger tinge of butter flavour in the waffles for that added fragrance when served. I loved the crunchy and refreshing burst of green apple, and well, it did help me with finishing the other vegetables!

The bacon was my treat for managing to finish all the vegetables! Coated with maple syrup and well-toasted bacon, it was bound to steal the limelight in this dish, at least for me! The inherent savouriness of the bacon paired with the slight sweetness of maple, and the fattening portions of bacon, that’s definitely a rewarding piece. Bacon lovers with a sweet-tooth, this will be a satisfying one!

Sandwich on the sweeter side, this is one that’s not for the health-conscious (with the sauce-laden salad and bacon). Quite a fresh way of serving up sandwiches, this was one that managed to make me finish my dose of greens for the day!

Verdict: 7.0/10

 Red Velvet Cake ($7.50)

If you’re looking for a dense and moist version, this might probably meet your mark. I loved the generous amount of cream cheese to go, and the deep reddish brown didn’t taste like artificial flavouring. The coconut shavings on top was a refreshing touch with a subtle fragrance and helped in preventing you from feeling jelat. This was quite an above-average piece of red velvet in my opinion, and managed to satisfy my cravings!

Verdict: 7.5/10

Simple and cosy space for the minimalist, it’s good for a decent meal especially if you’re craving for some 3-inch sinful chocolate molten cakes in the area.

Overall Verdict: 7.0/10
24A Lorong Mambong
Holland Village 
Singapore 277183

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