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Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Fans of desserts and cakes should be familiar with the name Patisserie G, which opened in November last year at Millenia Walk. Helmed by chef Gwen Lim, whose passion and appetite for quality desserts are inspired around the world from various chefs, she aspires to share what she loves to eat with her customers.

We ordered several cakes and had them on the go since we did not want to wait for a table and all the cakes arrived safely intact as the staffs took the extra effort to tape the serving cardboard for the cakes firmly to the box.

The G Spot (S$9/-)

Known for its signature controversially named dessert, "The G Spot", it seemed too good to pass. With an impeccably smooth and glossed surface, the dark chocolate mousse with chocolate meringue sits on a chocolate hazelnut praline crunch. Slicing through the cake reveals a rather messy picture but it definitely overwhelmed us in terms of taste, flavours and texture. The melt-in-your-mouth mousse was perfectly complemented by the crunch of the hazelnut pieces. The richness of the quality dark chocolate used also meant that it could be a little satiating on one's appetite so we would surely recommend pairing with some tea or coffee or have this to share.

Verdict: 8.5/10

Blancheur (S$9/-)

This was my personal favourite as I felt that the flavours were bold and checked all the respective boxes in terms of visual appeal and texture. The white chocolate mousse with raspberry coulis was the core of the dessert and was nicely tucked on a crumble base with a white chocolate almond coat.

We loved the tang especially from the raspberry sauce which impressed us with its natural taste, made from fresh raspberries. This was beautifully complemented and enhanced by the creamy and mildly sweet white chocolate. You could also taste the richness in the butter which went into making the crumble base. 

Verdict: 9.0/10

Miromel (S$8.50/-)

This milk chocolate mousse with creamy caramel and chocolate sponge on an Oreo cookie base, with a touch of peanut butter was insanely sinful and calories-laden BUT if you looked beyond that, you would be in for a sweet treat! Slicing through the cake reveals a nicely partitioned and layered interior and much praise could be given to the delicacy in crafting this dessert.

The flavours were again bold and intense like the other desserts tried. We struggled to taste the peanut butter but moving forward, we liked the quality ingredients that went into making the cake. Like the G Spot, it might be too much to finish the cake on its own due to the richness of the cake. Anyway, sharing is loving!

Verdict: 8.0/10

The G-Crunch (S$3.50/-)

Labelled "Special of the Day", the G-Crunch brought back fond memories of those sweetened toasts that one can expect to find in bakeries. The thick toasts were baked to golden brown perfection with a nice crust and icing. There was a subtle hint of honey and a strong fragrance of butter with each tasteful bite.

Verdict: 8.5/10

While we were highly intrigued by the cakes tried, what impressed us was the dedication and commitment by the serving staffs in taking the time and effort to understand what we wanted before making the relevant recommendations. Despite other customers behind us trying to push forth and ask for recommendations, they were told, politely, to wait for their turn. Exclusivity and attentiveness coupled with the premium quality desserts won us over.

Patisserie G
9 Raffles Boulevard
Singapore 039596
Tel: (+65) 6338 7578

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  1. The G-Spot is so chocolatey!!! Not forgetting my liking for raspberry sauce! Both are a must-try for me!

    1. yes! I would surely recommend the g-spot and blancheur. do let us know if you find it equally calories-worthy!

  2. Great shots!! Everything looks so scrumptious! =P

    1. thanks for the kind compliments! pat g surely made our calories counted!