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Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Seeing all the photos on Instagram and the great reviews so far, we decided to give it a shot while around the area. It was surprisingly crowded for a Tuesday night, that there were only 2-3 tables left.

Hurrying to the counter, it was like a marketplace, having to vie for your desired pie before the last piece gets snapped up. Without any labels, we were pretty impressed that the staff took the effort to describe every single flavour to us, and did his personal recommendations.

Grasshopper ($7.5/-)
Peppermint with flourless chocolate cake, this seemed like a popular one probably due to how photogenic it is. I was expecting a refreshing burst of peppermint flavour to balance out the usually heavier tasting chocolate, but this was an utter letdown. The peppermint was too faint and it tasted like melted toothpaste, with just a hint of mint, overpowered by the cream. The chocolate was too mild too, and the typically good combination just didn’t go well in this rendition.

Verdict: 5.0/10

Coconut Lime Vodka ($8/-)

This was one that got my attention given my soft spot for fruity and citrus flavours. The pie crust was a signal for red flag though, with a gap between the filling and crust, seeming as though it was gonna fall apart.

Unlike the texture of the usual lime/lemon tarts, this was slightly stickier, somewhat like a pudding style, with cubes of vodka jelly in between. I liked how the vodka was strong enough and the lime added that refreshing touch, though a crumbly tart base would have gone better with this combination. Unfortunately, we couldn't taste the coconut in the cream on top where it's supposed to.

Verdict: 6.5/10

Morello Cherry Pie ($8/-)

I was attracted by the dark sugar coated lattice layer on top. Sour that we cringed at the first mouthful, it was then balanced by the sweet layer on top. I would have preferred it to be served fresh, so that the top and crust areas could remain hard and crisp as this lacked the texture. The fillings were disappointing too, filled with what seemed like jam, we would have preferred it to contain more juicy cherries!

Verdict: 6.0/10

This place might have been attractive with its theme and decor but we certainly wouldn't speak the same of its pies. Left disappointed, we didn’t like how the pies weren’t served fresh from the oven and were refrigerated that it left the crust and pie bases soggy. The fillings weren’t fantastic either, and definitely wasn’t worth the price. One redeeming factor was perhaps their service, where they were very helpful making recommendations and even offered to help us 'chope' our piece of pie till we were ready to dabao it.

Windowsill Pies
78 Horne Road, Jalan Besar, 209078
Tel: 9004 7827

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  1. Well I agree with your point about Grasshopper. What Windowsill told me was that they lowered the mint content due to the complaints of some customers. Would have wanted it your way though. As to it being refrigerated, it was actually meant as a cold dessert.

    1. thanks for clarifying! pity that we didn't manage to try the one with a stronger mint content. yup, we understand that it was meant to be a cold dessert, though for ours, the crust actually fell apart and was soggy from that. probably an exception rather than the norm I hope.

  2. I went there on an afternoon and thought the pies were pretty good (I had the banana cream pie and apple pie). The crust and base was fine as well. Perhaps the pies are fresher in the day?