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Thursday, March 06, 2014

With the onset of so many cafes by the month, it's almost hard to keep track and our to-go list just keeps growing faster than our been-there list. So instead of going around specially to visit specific cafes, we've decided to just hop by whichever is close/convenient to where we are at that point. And if you share similar thoughts, we've got a handy guide to recommend!

Started by one of our friends, we found this a useful map, locating (almost) all the cafes and grouping them by areas. A tool developed to help cafe enthusiasts find cafes in Singapore easily, it's quite a user-friendly and simple page to use:

A good bird's eye view of all the cafes and for the business opportunists, north and west side of Singapore seems pretty empty!

So if you're looking for any particular locality, just untick the rest to show it on the map or you can also click on the place and check out the places in a list form.

And if you're considering where to save your stomach space for given the variety of choices available, they've also gotten links to blogs where it redirects you to a review straight. To keep it simple, it'll just be one review per place and the reviews will be screened through prior to posting to ensure readers can get an objective (as far as possible), with as much info. The team is still working on this though, so stay tuned to a more varied range of reviews you can get! 

With so many growing entrepreneurs and their respective cafes, if you do happen to find any that's not indicated here, you can also submit the cafe info easily to let other users know of the new place.  

Overall, we found it quite useful especially if you're in the mood for some spontaneous cafe-hopping and not knowing where to go. One thing though, it's unable to detect where you're at to show nearest cafes in the vicinity, albeit being able to search by list form by ticking the area you're in.

It's probably lacking some new places here and there but we've heard that the team is working on it and there's been quite a bit of user-submitted places already. Do let us know how you find it too!

We hope this helps in getting your weekend plans started, happy hopping! ;)

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