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Tuesday, June 07, 2016

Many associate a wine dinner to one that is intimidating and perhaps complex but a visit to Napoleon should hopefully debunk that thinking. Stepping into the intimate restaurant, one would certainly be drawn to the enomatic wine dispenser machine that curates 32 European wines. This allows diners to sample tasting portions up to a full glass and if you are a layman like me, rejoice.

Let me share why - the wines are classified into eight categories with "smooth", "fruity", "deep" and "spicy" for the reds while the white wines are labelled "dry", "rich", "fruity" or sweet. Available in tasting portions, one can expect to sample various renditions with the objective of finding the desired one.

Everything has to be an edge better at Napoleon. Even the ordering process is done through iPad and selected wine information may be reviewed. This eliminates the need for winemakers to be present to explain their wine as we now have a digital sommelier!

It is however impossible to appreciate a wine bar without proper food. About time to check things out!

Homemade grand marnier foie gras terrine | $22/++

The delicate foie gras terrine was flavourful and nicely complemented in terms of texture by the accompanying crumble. The sweetness from the confit figs cut through the savouriness of the foie gras, delivering a balanced after taste on the palate.

Hand-cut angus beef tartare | $30/++

For those who love tartare, this would please but for those who are a little conservative on their food option, this could be a nightmare. Cooked only by the acidity in the marinade, the egg yolk added smoothness to the tartare but the rawness was a little too much for most at the table. Also, the size of the tartare could have been slightly intimidating.

The accompanying crispy truffle potatoes with parmesan - spot on. Please give us more!

Roasted angus beef tenderloin | $30/++

For most, the slow roasted angus beef tenderloin could be the preferred choice between the two protein. Paired with carrot puree, caramelised onion, gratin dauphinois, ratatouille, the main was drizzled with red wine sauce that added depth to the savour.

Creamy lobster risotto | $36/++

Labelled as the death dish in MasterChef Australia, the risotto is deemed as one of the simplest yet hardest dish to master. The acquarello rice used is one of the top grains and most sought after for making quality risotto. It has a higher starch content and firmer texture. This allows the grains to better retain its shape and resistant to overcooking compared to most.

Duo of chocolate | $15/++

Our favourite for the evening - the chocolate ganache with mi-cuit canele with salted caramel. It was paired with a scoop of vanilla gelato and coffee crumble which added a nice layer of coarseness to the otherwise smooth sweet treat.

For those who are conscious about budget, you may wish to learn that Napoleon is one of the 1,275 merchants on "The Entertainer" offering "Buy One get One Free" promotion on their dishes! Exclusively for our readers, you can even get a $10 discount (RRP: $85) if you apply the code 2016SGBLOG upon checkout!

Overall verdict: 7.5/10

Napoleon Food & Wine Bar
206 Telok Ayer Street,
Singapore 068641
Tel: 62219282

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  1. Great food and affordable prices! They have some wine events and champagne events too once in a while.