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Monday, November 28, 2011

Like the name suggests, Garrett indeed has a 'Chicago tradition' to be proud of, offering a 'heavenly obsession', in this case caramel-flavoured popcorn. The fragrance of the freshly popped corn lingers in the air and definitely helps in drawing crowd, an uncanny resemblance to the aroma of freshly baked 'Famous Amos' cookies whenever you walk past Wisma Atria basement level. Let the corn start popping already!

(+) Tried it warm and fresh and it was crisp to the bite.
(+) Unlike some popcorn which may tend to be pliable or worse chewy, this was very crunchy.
(+) Each and every kernel is well expanded and popped and has equal coating of caramel.
(+) Lingering sweet aftertaste, and wont hurt to pop a few to crunch when late night cravings for sinful food kick in.
(+) Good for parties and gatherings with their 6.5 gallons tin which cost S$230/- though.

(-) Unfortunately gave me a 'jelat' feel due to the sweetness and which made me full rather quickly.
(-) We felt that it was too sweet for our liking, though this might appeal to some.
(-) Price is on the high end, S$13/- for this large pack of caramel crisp popcorn.
(-) Cheese-flavoured was provided as sample, it was pretty appalling to me, but its a love-hate relationship.
(-) Unlike the caramel-crisp, cheese-flavoured popcorn was too overwhelming but still offered that friable crunch.
P.S: Very good service was rendered at the 313 outlet located at Somerset, Singapore, with the server allowing us to sample-test a few types of popcorn before we made up our decision on which to buy.
Verdict: 7.0/10
Please refer to www.garrettpopcorn.com/singapore-locations/ for outlets' locations.

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