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Friday, February 10, 2012

The past three visits to Ann Siang area ended with us at PS Cafe, The Patissier and the last occasion where Kki Sweets were sold out of their cakes. Upon receiving Swee's whatsapp message of a surprise treat, I waited in anticipation. Alas, we finally got to try Kki Sweets' cakes!

Little Red Riding Hood (S$8.50/-)
Chocolate mousse with raspberry filling, coated with dark chocolate.

(+) Really rich, bitter-tasting dark chocolate, similar to Varlhona chocolate.
(+) Could taste the difference in fine ingredients used.
(+) Unique taste combination and very well balanced.
(+) Bitter initially followed by well complemented mild sweetness and sourness (from raspberry)
(+) The raspberry filling in the middle of the mousse gave a varied mouthfeel to the overall sensation, with it tasting raspberry gelatin-like-jelly with a blend of the fruit.

(-) The lingering bitter taste from the chocolate could be too strong for some.

The silky smooth looking exterior masked the strong abundance of flavours that this petite cake contained. It was however a love or hate relationship with the dominating bittersweet (think 70% bitter 30% sweet) taste, which might proved to be overwhelming for some.

Verdict: 8.0/10

Antoinette (S8/-)
White chocolate mousse with a layer of sponge cake and mango puree filling.
(+) The velvety white chocolate mousse was very smooth and light.
(+) The white chocolate was only mildly sweet which suited our palette for the afternoon.
(+) When consumed in entirety with the mango puree, it was a divine combination.
(+) Mango puree was like the rest of the ingredients, pure and rich, unlike those essence flavouring commonly used.

(-) The portion of mango puree was really intended for 1-2 mouthful bursts. 

Verdict: 7.5/10

Kinabaru (S$8/-)
Coconut mousse, passion fruit creme, chocolate dacquoise.
(+) It was a light-flavoured cake which wouldn't make you feel gelat (sick) after eating.
(+) The tangy mildly sour passion fruit creme provided a refreshing burst of flavours.

(-) The cake was too mild in its coconut taste, was certainly struggling to fit the name and description of the cake to its taste. (passion fruit covers the coconut taste)

Due to the shape of the cake (i.e. elongated rectangular), the cake disengaged itself and seemed to tilt to one side. Just to note, due to a full stomach, we reserved the cake in the fridge for consumption later in the evening and upon opening the box, noticed the irregularity of the cake. This could probably be attributed to the distribution of the layers of the cake, perhaps proportionality of each layer could be better assessed. The layers on the top seemed too dense (hence heavy), causing the cake to tilt to one side. If the cake was in another shape, perhaps round with a more focused centre of gravity, the cake would certainly be able to stand better than its current sliced form.

Verdict: 7.0/10
In general, we felt that the cakes were good, in the sense that fresh and fine ingredients were used. The fact that most of the cakes (well, the 3 we tried) were not overwhelmingly sweet, it did not upset us from trying to get another dig at the cake. I certainly enjoyed the 'lightness' of the cakes, though I would preferred it better if cakes such as Antoinette and Little Red Riding Hood had more fillings being pocketed between the mousse.

Kki Sweets
7 Ann Siang Hill, Singapore 069791

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