[SG] Five and Dime Eatery

Tuesday, June 11, 2013

A pretty inaccessible location, it was quite a bit of inertia before we actually decided on trying Five and Dime. Those who drive would perhaps find it pretty convenient with a parking area just beside.

Heading there for weekend brunch, it was a lovely ambience, perfect for catching up with friends and chilling over a cup of coffee. Pity that they close for a break at 3pm though, and there aren’t any dessert places within walking distance around, so you’re pretty much left with leaving for somewhere else in town or around Great World City if you’re looking for an extended chilling time.

 Big Brekkie ($22)
(Choice of scrambled or sunny side up eggs with pork bacon, chicken chipolata sausages, baked beans, sauteed mushooms and thick toast)

This was one satisfying dish we had, with a mix of almost everything you would associate with a sumptuous breakfast. We chose scrambled eggs for this and thought it was done pretty well. Creamy and milky enough for our palate, well complemented with the slightly sweet and crisp thick toast.

Verdict: 7.5/10

 Eggs Benedict ($16)
(Poached eggs on warm brioche with smoked ham, mesclun greens, breakfast potatoes and fruit salad)

This would be the most classic brunch item on my list, and we were all disappointed to see the small serving portion they had. We were still hopeful initially and thought perhaps it was goodness in a small package, but our impression was made worse after doing the eggs ben test, and uncovering a layer of cooked yolk surrounding the rich orange flow. The accompanying hollandaise sauce was pretty alright, though I would have preferred a more generous serving of it.

Served on warm brioche instead of the usual muffins or toast, I found it a little too soft for my liking and it lacked the varying textures to have in a mouthful. Other reviews that we’ve googled spoke about the beef that was used that made it special but the one we saw only had smoked ham and it pretty much tasted like a normal eggs ben to me.

Good thing was the spiced potatoes they had on the side, which had a home-made feel to it. It comes with a fruit salad too, basically a combination of different fruits placed in a bowl. A refreshing good-to-have!

Verdict: 6.0/10

Buttermilk Pancakes ($15)

(Choice of pork bacon or chicken chipolata sausages and fruit salad)

The huge slabs of pancakes with a rich buttermilk smell caught our attention immediately when it was served. Expecting it to be quite dense with the rich creamy fragrance, we were quite surprised to cut open to a pretty fluffy version. This was definitely to my liking and I found it good to even have it on its own without the butter or maple syrup. An ordinary plate of pancakes done well in our opinion! 

Verdict: 8.5/10 


Brunch is never complete without a cup of coffee to go along! Opting for the milder version, I decided to settle for cappuccino and this managed to please my palate perfectly. I liked how smooth it was, and wasn’t too bitter for me. It left a nice mild lingering taste.

I’m no coffee expert, and found it pretty strange to spot more bubbles appearing after leaving the coffee to settle. My friend told me it was due to the different frothing of the milk, hence the top layer began to turn from fine froth to bigger bubbles and then ‘cavities’. cy and tmcy also said that perhaps the milk has been over-frothed, hence too much air within. Any coffee guru who can enlighten us on this?

A great place to chill over the weekend, it’s usually packed despite how ulu it is. Known for their Mentaiko Pasta, we didn’t manage to try it as it seemed a little too heavy for brunch with its rich creamy flavours. I would probably return for its pancakes and to give the Mentaiko Pasta a shot!

Overall Verdict: 8.0/10
297 River Valley Road
Singapore 238338

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