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Wednesday, April 02, 2014

In concurrence with the philosophy of Symmetry that "If everybody learns to share, the world will have enough", we were excited about our planned trip to the cafe. Tucked away in a serene spot within Jalan Kubor (close to Bugis), the cafe turns into a restaurant bar in the evening. Inspired by the Australian casual dining culture and French cuisine, Symmetry places great emphasis on sharing and prides itself for using modern food preparation techniques on fresh produces.

No better way than to relax over a cup of freshly brewed flat-white while browsing through some magazines

Flat white | S$5.50/++ , Long Black | S$4.50/++

We felt that the latte art on the flat white was something that could be improved but in terms of flavours, it had a relatively good balance between the acidity of the coffee beans and the foamed milk though the after-taste had a strong creamy and milky finish.

The long black coffee on the other hand carried a sharp acidity which puckered my mouth. I am in general, very particular about my brew and on this particular occasion, it did not quite go my preferred way.

Symmetry eggs benedict | S$22/++

Served with diced portobello mushrooms and bacon, the classic English muffins played host to the soft-boiled eggs cooked at low temperature. The technique used was largely similar to the eggs ben tried at The Missing Pan though this rendition had melted aged cheddar to top off the dish. Due to the preparation technique, the eggs were wobbly soft, tasting almost like your soft-boiled eggs.

We enjoyed the crispness of the freshly toasted muffin and the beautiful caramelised onions that introduced a hint of sweetness to complement the savoury bacon. The freshness of the ingredients was guaranteed when the viscous bright orange egg yolk started flowing out upon the first slice of the knife.

We would however have preferred a more generous portion of the classic Hollandaise sauce as that was an element sorely lacking in the dish to define a classic eggs benedict.

Symmetry eggs sur le plat | S$24/++

Recommended by the serving lady as one of Symmetry's signature dishes, we unveiled the toast to reveal a mixture of pork sausages, smoked paprika, cherry tomato coulis, creamed baby spinach and eggs topped with cheddar cheese.

Expect some rich flavours in that thin tomato purée which had been infused with the savouriness of the pork sausages. Paired with the creamed baby spinach, it went well with the crisp toast and portion of greens to cleanse one's palate.

Offering both indoor and outdoor seating, expect a queue on the weekends. At the entrance of the cafe was a tablet which offered an automated queue system. After inputting the number of dining guests and your contact details, expect a SMS to come instantaneously to confirm your booking. As soon as your table is available and ready, you will receive an updated text from the system.

While we were impressed by the automated service, we felt that the service lacked personal touches and it was no more different from the next cafe. With its philosophy built around the beautiful idea of sharing, we felt that the message was not delivered across to the diners. Among the three of us, we decided to share two mains but somehow the tonality of the lady made us felt as if we under-ordered, albeit an awkward manner.

Overall, I appreciated the philosophy in writing largely, especially the line that goes "This is a place where you can walk in every single time knowing it's going to be good and then leave feeling happier...and loved". The actual cafe dining experience however failed to nail that perspective for me and while the food was decent, it was not particularly impressionable. Compared to the other cafes out there, prices of the mains at Symmetry command a premium which makes it even less palatable.

Nonetheless, taste is a very subjective matter and it would be some time yet for us to return anytime soon.

Overall verdict: 7.0/10

9 Jalan Kubor, #01-01
Singapore 199206
Tel: (+65) 6291 9902  (+65) 6291 9902
Opening hours and travel directions: http://symmetry.com.sg/contact/

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