[SG] 'Flavours of the World' at Plaza Singapura

Wednesday, October 22, 2014

As Plaza Singapura celebrates its 40th anniversary, it partners Cold Storage to bring 'Flavours of the World' to its main atrium, where international gourmet delights are featured. Apart from an oyster bar, exquisite meat carving station and an extensive selection of beers, ciders and wines, guests and shoppers can also indulge in wine tastings, live jazz performances and interactive games during the two week event starting today till 2 November 2014!

This inaugural epicurean event is held in partnership with Cold Storage who is organising such a large scale event for the first time within a shopping mall!

Join us for a tour on what to expect!

Variety of Australian wines which include the usual Chardonnay, Sauvignon Blanc and the sweeter dessert wines Moscato and White Zinfandel

With a wide selection of wine from Australia, French to South Africa, there are various ambassadors representing wines from the respective regions and countries to provide wine tastings and also provide insights about the characteristics and types of wine. 

In order to fully appreciate wine, we have to engage our various senses such as smell and touch in addition to taste. A tip to bear in mind when going through the tour is to always start with tasting white wine and finishing off with red!

While most people would assume that French wines are exorbitant, the ambassadors present burst the myth and surprisingly, they are very affordable starting from as low as S$26.50 for a bottle! We were introduced to some Old World Wine by the French ambassadors which have a lovely blend of dark cherries and licorice to give a mellow yet robust flavours. Surely picked up some useful knowledge about wine appreciation from the gentlemen!

If you are looking to gift bottles of wine, there is also the service of personalised wine labels, complimentary with purchase of Terra Vega wine from Chile and exclusive to Cold Storage!

Moving away from the wine selection, there was a bar counter serving draft Stella, Hoegaarden and the exclusive Hoegaarden Rosee! With the fruity zest of raspberry infusion, it was certainly star of the evening with its burst of refreshing taste! At just 3% alcohol content, I enjoyed the balance in sweetness and acidity, which carried a tinge of floral and woody notes that linger. If you are looking for an easy drink to banter with some friends, this would just be it.

While Hoegaarden Rosee has been launched in some of the clubs around town, it will be available exclusively on the shelves of Cold Storage for the first time! 

For cider fans, you would certainly be familiar with Rekordelig! This was one of our favourite ciders when we were living in UK and Christmas surely arrive early as the limited edition premium winter flavour is now available on the shelves! For those who prefer their ciders warm on a cold rainy day, this would surely fit the bill as it is suitable to serve both chilled and warm!

Apart from a wide selection of wines, ciders and beers, what else can you expect from the event? Food, of course!

Expect some freshly shucked oysters and indulge in these meaty US imported oysters! Offered in half a dozen for just S$15, these live oysters are at a bargain!

These gourmet sausages with natural casing are specially imported from UK and beautifully cooked to perfection, retaining the much desired moisture. Available in a box of 3 sausages for just S$5, it is no wonder to see this being the clear favourites amongst the crowd!

With a live bar serving wine and beer, it would be impossible to resist the Wagyu Beef Cubes. For a 200 gram portion, it would come at S$19, cooked medium rare. With a slight pinkness in the red meat, it was succulent and the marinade was spot on, delivering a flavoursome savouriness to each mouthful. 

For the alcoholic drinks to complement the meats, beers are offered at S$8/cup, house pour wines at S$8/glass, premium wine at S$12/glass and for the bubbly champagne, S$15/glass.

For cheese lovers or simply to complement your wines, there is also an exclusive column of various selections specially imported from worldwide. While I am no cheese connoisseur, this selection is guaranteed to delight many!

When it comes to drinks, how can we ever neglect the importance of chips? Herr's is a popular US brand of potato chips that is now officially launched in Singapore at Cold Storage! With a wide variety of snacks that also include tortilla chips, cheese curls, popcorns and onion rings, this is something that you would love to hug on your couch as you watch the next blockbuster at home!

For those who wish to indulge, Torres chips are handcrafted and have the unmistakable black truffle flavour!

And we spotted Nando's chips too, one which we used to binge when we were in UK and these were readily available at most supermarkets! Now I know where to get my cravings fixed!

While the event aims to bring the flavours of the world closer to Singapore, it is more than just an event of fine food and wine. Expect to be entertained with live jazz performance which took centerstage!

Available for just two weeks till 2 November 2014, bring your family and friends and head down to Plaza Singapura today!

Plaza Singapura
Main Atrium
68 Orchard Road
Singapore 238839

P.S: Special thanks to Lewis for the invitation to the media preview!

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