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Friday, October 24, 2014

Italian cuisine isn't unfamiliar with most, with the usual favourites like pastas and pizzas. What we might be unfamiliar with, however, would be the proliferating arts culture in Italy, spotting art pieces everywhere as you walk down the streets. While most places have brought in authentic tasting Italian food, Ricciotti brings in a flavour of Italy complete with the arts experience for its newly renovated flagship store along Singapore River.

Unveiling its new installation piece, Ricciotti will have ongoing collaborations with Italian artists from different backgrounds to bring forth an added dimension of the Italian culture to their dining concept. As the art piece was unveiled, we liked the idea of how it was an unfinished piece, with the artist adding on her artistic strokes while we dined.

And now, on to the food itself! Some of the highlights of our meal had to be the classic Italian we've always known.

Linguine al Granchio (crab meat, chili, tomato cream) $25++

While I was expecting a spicy kick like our usual chili crabs, this was a tamer version to cater to most who might not have an appetite for the fiery crabs. I liked the balance of tomato cream with just a slight tinge of spiciness, packed with much shredded crabmeat goodness! 

Cod Fillet (cod fillet, thyme, sundried tomatoes, sautéed spinach) $31++

Not the first thing that comes to my mind for Italian cuisine, this was a surprisingly good dish with the cod fish cooked just right to retain its moisture within. The sundried tomatoes added a nice touch to the combination with a slightly sour tinge, well complemented with the spinach for a good balance.  
Grilled Pork Ribs (pork ribs, mixed salad, potatoes) $28++

I was skeptical of this initially as it looked pretty dry, only to be pleasantly surprised when I pry the succulent ribs that were off-the-bone tender. The well-marinated ribs were good on its own that we could do even without the usual sauces that piled atop.  

9" Al Tartufo Pizza (black truffles, quail eggs, mushrooms) $20++

With the truffle craze right now, this is one to look forward to, especially with it being a new addition to the menu post-revamp. Truffle fans would revel in the dominant taste of truffle in this, and of course, biting into the quail egg yolk for some flowy egg porn. 

Canella Sweet Pizza (cinnamon sugar with mascarpone and raisins) $14++

There's just something about Italian and pizzas and Ricciotti has taken a sweet twist to this typically savoury dough. An interesting combination, this comes in two other flavours - Nutella with chopped hazelnuts and Apples with cinnamon and honey. 

Tiramisu (classic Italian recipe with mascarpone cream, espresso and lady finger) $10++

A classic dessert, this was one that was rich and creamy though mild on the espresso side. I liked that it wasn't too sweet and textures were just right. 

Carrot Cake (moist carrot cake with cinnamon and walnuts, topped with frosting) $7++

A simple one done well, it was fluffy without an overpowering cinnamon taste to it. The walnuts added a lovely texture to each mouthful, a light and refreshing treat! 

Soffiato (Italian style dark chocolate molten cake with stracciatella gelato) $12++


An innocent looking chocolate cake, it opened up to a warm molten core that went perfectly well with the classic stracciatella gelato (vanilla with chocolate chips). Moist and dense cake with comforting dark chocolate, it wasn't one to overwhelm on the sweetness and perfect to end your meal on a satisfying note. 

*Do note that portions are served in serving plates and are not representative of actual portions served for the prices indicated. 

Surrounding the theme of Benvenuti Casa, which means Welcome Home, Ricciotti set out to create a cosy and homely atmosphere perfect for any gatherings. We loved the vibrance of the restaurant and the bustle for a comfortable space to catch up over a hearty meal!

Celebrating its 10th year anniversary with its newly renovated flagship branch, it has re-created the contemporary dining experience complete with arts and cultural aspect of Italy. While the art installation had been one of the features of the opening, we liked that it was a work-in-progress and we'll leave it for you to check out its different look each time!

Celebrating with cocktails for the evening

Besides the lovely ambience and authentic taste of Italian, I was personally impressed by their long term goal to give back to society with a viable concrete action in place. With the Food for Good initiative, diners can now dine and do good as receipts will show how you can donate a percentage of your bill to a charity organization - all at the cost of Ricciotti. Supporting CrozzBorderz, diners can logon to the CrozzBorderz's website and select one charity project over the other, if you wish, and also top up payments via your PayPal accounts. Sharing profits for a good cause combined with raising awareness of charity projects for top-ups of donations if you'd wish, it's indeed a win-win meal! 

Overall Verdict: 7.0/10

Ricciotti Riverwalk
20 Upper Circular Road 
Singapore 058416

P.S: Special thanks to Krystal for the invitation and Elvi for being such a wonderful host! 

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