[SG] Tian Fu Tea Room - kinship reunion over high tea

Thursday, February 04, 2016

When it comes to Chinese New Year, most would be on the look out for reunion dinners and luncheons. How about a reunion over a pot of freshly brewed premium Chinese tea? Almost an unique offering at Tian Fu Tea Room, which is under the more renowned Si Chuan Dou Hua Restaurant, it is the first Chinese tea room concept within a restaurant in Singapore.

Offering over 30 types of fine tea, expect a wide collection of health tea ranging from the common green and red tea to slightly more exotic renditions such as yellow, white and flower teas.

Join us in discovering what the high tea set has to offer in order to unite family and friends, not to mention that it comes at an affordable price of S$38++/pax!

Bi Tan Piao Xue, Flower Tea | 碧潭飘雪

One of the featured teas is this, which originated from Xinjin county in Sichuan. This boasts not just digestive but also anti-ageing qualities. The name draws reference to snowflakes because it resembles the falling of snowflakes when infused. The light tea gives off a subtle fragrance and serves well as an easy start to arouse one's appetite before a meal.

Prosperity salmon yusheng with crispy fish skin

It is almost impossible to give lo hei a miss when it comes to Chinese New Year meals and high tea is not exception! 捞个风生水起! We enjoyed the crispy texture from the fish skin that juxtaposed the tender salmon and shredded vegetables.

Sliced duck wrapped with salted egg & chilled Chong Qing chicken with spicy bean paste

While I am not a huge fan of salted egg, I thought that it went well with the beautifully marinated sliced duck to be served as a cold appetiser. What was memorable though was the succulent chicken breast that was partially immersed in spicy bean paste that carried a lingering fiery after-taste. For those who have a relatively low tolerance for heat, get ready for some tea to soothe your taste buds!

Steamed sliced prawn in black bean sauce

Though Tian Fu Tea Room serves largely Sichuan cuisine, this dish reminded me fondly of Cantonese dishes given the latter's extensive usage of black bean sauce. The richness of flavours elevated the natural sweetness of the prawn and always thoughtful to serve up de-shelled and de-veined prawns!

Steamed fish balls with black moss

Delicately handmade by the dim sum chefs, I enjoyed the freshness of the fish paste. The light flavour of the dish came across as rather pale and could do with a nice condiment to add an element of salinity.

Deep-fried radish puff with dried scallop & pan-fried glutinous pancake with minced camphor tea smoked duck

The crisp pastry that encased the radish was delicate to the touch and crumbled as I gently pulled it apart. While the scent and flavours of the dried scallop was somewhat lacking, the texture was perfect and won us over.

While the green-coloured glutinous pancake looked slightly less enticing compared to its counterpart served on the same dish, it was packed full of bold flavours, particularly from the diced smoked duck within.

Fried rice with waxed meat and matsutake mushrooms

Unwrapping the lotus leaf revealed not just a beautiful hint of fragrance but also flavourful fried rice that saw individual grains neatly greased. The well marinated waxed meats added to the salinity of the dish that delivered a subtle yet delightful punch of flavours with each mouthful. Surely one of our favourites!

Deep-fried crispy custard bun

Nobody ever resists molten custard buns, particularly so when it is deep-fried to a beautiful golden brown crust on the surface. We loved the slightly chewy texture of the custard bun that was coated with a nice layer of crispness, only to be completed with a viscous custard filling. Spot-on indeed!

New Year cake in honey glazed pastry puff

My favourite dish of the lot was this new year cake (nian gao) neatly hidden by the honey glazed pastry puff. Think of your char siew sou - that lovely texture and golden yellow coat on the outside with nian gao on the inside that was almost paste-like soft.

Quality calories are important but culture weighs more in priority at Tian Fu Tea Room. In order to allow diners to fully bask in the glory of Chinese culture, there are even brushes for patrons to practise their calligraphy skills!

With a cosy ambience for friends and families alike to gather over a pot of tea and plates of hand-crafted dim sum, it definitely makes into one of our must-try places. 

For the first time this year, there is a Peace and Harmony Gift Box (S$38.80/box) with Tian Fu Tea Room Tea Tins that is a curated collection of oriental sweet treats comprising Chinese New Year Cake, Water Chestnut, Sugar Cane, Carrot and Osmanthus Cakes that are harmoniously paired with three choices of loose tea tins. For those interested, visit www.tianfutearoom.com and enjoy 20% savings from now till 22 Feb 2016 using discount code <CNY20>!

A worthy note before you gather your loved ones for a high tea session, there is an ongoing promotion for UOB cardholders as they enjoy a 4-dine-1-free privilege!

Overall Verdict: 8.0/10

Tian Fu Tea Room at PARKROYAL on Beach Road
7500 Beach Road
Singapore 199591
Tel: (65) 6505 5724

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