[SG] Dallas Restaurant & Bar | Celebrating a decade of wine and dine!

Saturday, March 19, 2016

While most CBD folks would be familiar with The Rotisserie, few would be aware about another brand under its portfolio, the Dallas Restaurant & Bar. With its first opening back in 2006 at Boat Quay, the second restaurant opens at Suntec City's sky garden providing a sweet spot for after work chill-out sessions.

Given everyone's penchant for happy hour, Dallas similarly runs the session from 11am till 8pm where house pour wines and spirits go for S$12++ and draught beers for S$14++. Not exactly the fairest deal in the CBD area but expect to be greeted with an extensively curated list of drink options ranging from quintessential cocktail classics to New World wines and champagnes.

A cursory glance at the menu suggests Mexican so we started our evening with some taco options!

Snapper fish tacos | S$22++/3pcs

Some delightful colours on the platter! Expect generous chunks of deep-fried snapper laid on the mini tortillas with Spanish onions, cabbage and a gorgeous pineapple chutney! Topping it off with that Chipotle mayonnaise introduces an element of heat in each mouthful. The tender fish coated with a light batter was cooked brilliantly to a tantalising golden brown tan and I could not resist having my hands on the wrap!

Verdict: 8.0/10

Crispy pork belly tacos | S$14++/3pcs

My personal favourite for the night was this - crispy pork belly on mini flour tortilla with guacamole spread and drizzled with homemade aioli. The pork was cooked to absolute perfection with that lovely crackling at the back of your mouth. I also enjoyed the tender meat which gave that much desired juiciness to the tortilla. The only drawback for me was that the flavours of the guacamole were masked by the dominating creaminess of the aioli. Squeeze some of that lime wedge to introduce a subtle level of acidity which I promise would make all the difference. If you are sharing with friends and one is not enough, please feel free to get add-ons at S$5++ each.

Verdict: 8.0/10

Jalapeno croquettes | S$15++/4pcs

For those who love their creamy bites, these deep-fried nuggets of breaded mashed spuds mixed with bechamel sauce, shredded cheddar and chopped pickled jalapeno peppers would ignite joy in their eyes. Served with the green chilli mayonnaise, I found the heat rather muted and would have preferred a greater kick in flavours. Else the added richness made it slightly too satiating for my liking.

Verdict: 8.0/10 

Grilled corn | S$6++

Thoughtfully sliced into quarters for easier bites, the beautifully roasted sweet corned was topped with Chipotle mayonnaise before being sprinkled with Parmesan cheese. I thought the amount of spice on the corn was spot-on for me, leaving most with the need to quench the heat with a drink!

Verdict: 8.0/10 

Dallas meat platter | S$70++ for two and S$130 for four

The above illustrates the portion size for two and with four types of meat available, it will not disappoint carnivores. With two grilled Australian lamb cutlets, half slab of pork ribs, quarter Rotisserie chicken and 250 grams of prime rib steak, it comes alongside mint, black pepper and mushroom sauces. I thought that all meats were treated with utmost respect during the cooking process with my favourite being the ribs which one could choose between a BBQ glaze or tangy sweet berry. It was fall-off-the-bone tender and half-slab goes away quite quickly before you realise it! The prime rib steak was also cooked perfectly to medium rare and went really well with the black pepper sauce. The Rotisserie chicken needed no introduction as quality was consistent and spot-on, tender even for the chicken breast. While I personally do not take lamb, others at the table commented on the robust flavours without that gaminess. 

Verdict: 8.0/10

Overall, I thought the food ticked the right boxes for me in terms of flavours and quality. Perhaps it is my personal scepticism towards tacos and tapas but I somehow struggle in coming to terms with their price points. The meat platter however was definitely value-for-money and plenty as I thought the portion was generous for two to share.  

Offering a 360-degree view of the Suntec City area, I love the exquisite glass house-style design with al fresco space option. The island bar on the inside would also draw attention with its elegant decor parings. As you could probably witness from the crowd, they comprise mainly expats and office crowd on the week-days, worth a check-out if you are in the area!

Overall verdict: 8.0/10

Dallas Restaurant & Bar (Suntec Sky Garden)
3 Temasek Boulevard,
Suntec City Sky Garden,
Singapore 038983
Tel: (65) 6333 4068
Website: www.dallas.sg

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