[SG] Sacha & Sons | NY delicatessen serving up 90-year-old family recipes in Singapore!

Sunday, March 27, 2016

Never quite a fan when it comes to hip places because that generally equates to unnecessary waste of time on long queues. A shopping trip along Orchard Road unexpectedly brought us to Mandarin Gallery and while we were really looking for a place to get away from the crowd and rest our legs, we landed at Sacha & Sons.

With a label that reads "family recipes since 1927", I thought that it would be worth a try until tmcy reminded me that this was the hip 'New York Delicatessen" that drew quite a fair bit of attention...in Dec 2014. "Well...better late than never" was her response, accompanied by forlorn glances.

Politely handed over a All-day brunch menu by one of the servers as we loitered at the entrance, the sight of bagels and pastrami on it caught our attention and there we go!

Grilled Reuben - Pastrami with Swiss Cheese, Sauerkraut and Russian Dressing | S$20++

Opting for brioche as the carbohydrate, we had the regular portion which saw 150 grams of hand-carved pastrami served atop. The American experience is never complete without a Reuben sandwich anyway with the slices of pastrami being the star. Brined, partially dried and seasoned with herbs and spices, the brisket was sliced upon ordering.

The plate cut (or short plate), from the belly of the cow was treated with utmost care. Cooked to perfection with distinct hues of pinkness, the flavours were robust but stopped short of overwhelming. While the pastrami might be slightly on the dry side for my preference, the accompanying sauerkraut and Russian dressing made up the shortfall. 

While we were contemplating ordering sides to share, the sandwiches come served with homemade coleslaw. Not usually a fan of coleslaw, I actually enjoyed the clean taste, juxtaposing the otherwise commercial renditions which are typically excessively creamy and satiating.

Verdict: 8.5/10

Moroccan grated carrot | S$6++/100gm

If there is one side you must have, please choose the inconspicuous-looking Moroccan grated carrot. I promise that it is more than grating your own carrots at home. With fresh mint and parsley leaves folded into the bed of grated carrot and juicy raisins, be guaranteed a refreshing burst of flavours powered by orange and lemon zest. Touched by the acidity introduced by the citrus elements, I found balance in flavour complemented by the natural sweetness of the carrot.

Verdict: 9.5/10

Scrambled eggs & Toasted Bagel with Smoked Salmon and Caramelised Onions | S$18++

It would be a crime, almost, to not try their bagels. Hand rolled, boiled and baked from scratch - never deny the old school way of doing things right. Comes complete with a generous slab of cream cheese, liberate yourselves and indulge a generous spread on your freshly toasted bagel.

With a choice of sesame or pumpkin seed bagels, we opted for the latter though the order was mixed up and was served the former. Quite frankly, I did not notice it until doing this review as I was already fighting to put off my impulsion on tucking in immediately - of course our cameras have the privilege of being first-to-eat.

I enjoyed the crispness of the bagel while the dough gave a nice chewy texture. It reminded us of our university days back in UK where we would wait out between lectures and seminars over our favourite smoked salmon bagel!

Mildly disappointed by the appearance of my smoked salmon as I was expecting it to come untarnished. It was actually tossed into the scrambled eggs and while you could still enjoy chunks of it, I generally prefer my smoked salmon whole and not cooked. The salinity and smokiness were balanced out by the richness of the cream cheese which added depth and flavours to the innocent looking bagel.

Verdict: 8.5/10

Paris Hot Chocolate - Varlhona Chocolate, Whole Milk & Marshmallow | S$8++

Theatrical displays in any form always draw attention in a restaurant setting. The extended presentation of a simple cup of varlhona-based chocolate drink served in a separate canister before being poured into the porcelain mug made us sit-up for my usual Long Black Coffee (S$5.50++) hardly needs an introduction. If you are a fan of brews from Common Man Coffee Roasters, you would not be disappointed with the coffee here as they come from the same source.

The richness of the chocolate was enough to please the lady though she still preferred Angelina (Hong Kong) but the homemade marshmallow made a difference. The only complaint was that the drink could have been served warmer as the relatively cold environment cooled the drink quite quickly.

Verdict: 8.0/10

(Credit: Interior and exterior photos of the restaurant were taken from Sacha & Sons Facebook Page as we were too satisfied with our meal that we conveniently walked off thereafter)

Overall, we enjoyed the food and experience though during the visit, it was relatively quiet so I cannot say for sure on a busy Sunday brunch session at 12pm. The service was immaculate as we were greeted upon entering and leaving the premise. They were attentive to the levels of our water glasses and needed no reminders to top it up at any time. If you do not know what to order, ask for recommendations and the folks would be more than happy to help out. The best part - they do not oversell as I wanted some sweet treats but they told us that our orders would be quite filling for two pax and could wait till we are done with our meals before ordering desserts. Nonetheless, they recommended the sundae and that would be on our to-try list in our next visit. 

A note on payment, unlike a typical restaurant, expect a deli experience. Place your orders and payment upfront at the till and food will be served to you after.

Will we return? For sure, and I already have my orders planned.

Overall Verdict: 8.5/10

Sacha & Sons | NY Delicateseen
33A Orchard Road,
Mandarin Gallery,
Singapore 238897
Tel: (65) 6735 6961

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