[SG] Hatched at HollandV

Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Fans of brunches wouldn't be unfamiliar with Hatched, one of the first few places that come to mind, whipping up all-day breakfasts in Singapore. More established in their first branch at Evans Lodge, they've recently opened one at Holland Village, conveniently located near the exit of the MRT station, right beside Swensen's.

It was my first time at Hatched, bearing high expectations since they were rather established and there has been many good reviews going around. Stepping into the place, it gave a cosy and relaxed feeling, adding on to our lazy Saturday afternoon, perfected with the background music playing Bruno Mars' The Lazy Song. It was still rather packed, considering that we were there at about 2pm and 90% of the seats were taken up.

I personally like the use of chalkboards as it gives a very old-school touch to the cosy cafe. The colours also made it cheery and somehow added on to the fun image that Hatched portrays. 

Cute salt and pepper shakers shaped like eggs. Different tables have got different designs, and thankfully, we've got the cutest one of all! :D

Sir Benedict ($12)

Their classic of eggs benedict. Poached eggs with half a muffin, black forest ham, topped with Hollandaise sauce and with homemade mash. According to my friend who's rather expert in poached eggs, Sir Benedict has managed to withstand the test of poached eggs and has been certified well done. The yolk was done just right that it oozed out right upon cutting it, having cooked just nice. It was a slight pity that the egg wasn't exactly warm enough and tasted like it had been left out in the open for a while before serving it. The homemade mash was quite good too, with me being a fan of potato. I like how you could really taste the potato bits used, giving a mixture of texture instead of the ultra smooth kind like KFC's mashed potato.   

 Hitch me up ($28)

A choice of two eggs of any style, choice of two meats (bacon, ham or sausage), waffles and toast. We chose omelette and scrambled eggs, bacon and sausage for our meal. It was quite a disappointment as the eggs weren't done very well and the other sides were just as bad. Just like the poached egg, both the omelette and scrambled eggs tasted rather cold. Only thing that wasn't too bad was the bacon and the potatoes. The sausage came cold, was a tad too skinny (it seemed more like a hotdog sold in supermarkets) and overly salty, overpowering the taste of the entire dish.

The waffles, though it looks enticing, was pure disappointment as it tasted more like bread than lightly whisked waffles. It was abit too heavy for the meal and the only redeeming factor was perhaps the bottle of maple syrup that came along with it, allowing free flow of maple syrup to mask the taste of it. But ohwell, being a die-hard fan of maple syrup, it was slightly more acceptable and made me a happier customer. 

Overall, I felt that it wasn't a very good experience, especially when they pride themselves upon an all-eggs specialist. I felt that it was slightly overrated as there are definitely better breakfast places that can do eggs better, especially when there are more brunch places sprouting up. However, I do give them credit for its slightly more affordable price range and convenient location, plus the really chillax ambience! That said, my review of Hatched is solely based on its HollandV outlet and not its flagship store at Evans Lodge, hence I'm not too sure about quality control standards across. I will definitely visit the one at Evans to try out in the future!

Overall Nom Factor: 6.5/10
267 Holland Village 
Singapore 278989
(Beside Swensen's)       

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