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Friday, June 08, 2012

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It was with great anticipation as we travelled to Nottingham for the Westlife Farewell Tour! Despite the show starting only at 7.30pm, we decided to arrive at Nottingham earlier in the day so that we could explore the city centre by foot and not forgetting of course our religious routine of finding good worthy calories.

Fetching recommendations and after some research, we decided to head straight for Homemade. Well, like what the name suggests, all the food on the menu were homemade. Let's see if it was really a place to eat, drink, relax and enjoy!

It would not be hard to notice this eatery located on Pelham Street. Not sure if it was due to the supposedly nice summer weather (well, I used the word supposedly because we are into June and at times we are still having sub-10 degrees celsius days!), you would spot these 'cow-spots' looking tables and chairs outside the eatery. Definitely an eye-catcher!

Take note of the bread rack somewhere in the middle of the above picture. Later did we realize that our fresh granary toasts were slices from these self-baked loaves!

The cafe had simple decorations in a very cosy setting and this was the main reason why we enjoyed our lunch so much. As we placed our orders and awaited the arrival of our food, noticed the above chalkboards with a few tempting dessert treats...

Started the day early and skipped my usual cup of Americano at home, so there it was to make up for it! With the size of the 'large' Americano, it certainly perked me up! The above picture did not quite seem to illustrate clearly how big the cup was, but trust me, it was massive and definitely well worth. (Or maybe my caffeine craving was doing me in so badly...) Do not expect gourmet coffee to be served though at such a good deal, but it was definitely a quality brew above average standard.

Foxy's Mega Fish Finger Sandwich with wedges

When the waitress served the food, we were like 'WOW', the portions were massive and smelled really good too! The sandwich had an interesting layering of fish fingers on rocket leaves and a bed of green peas with some light mayo. The fish fingers were made using fresh fish and not the typical frozen ones one might purchase off the shelves at supermarkets. It had a really thin layer of crispy batter to it, and most importantly it did not have that 'fishy' smell. The accompanying side dish of wedges tasted really good too. Fresh from the oven, the potato skin was crisp and the potato itself tasted soft but not to the extent of being 'mashy'. Overall, it was very satisfying and we were struggling to finish the food! 

Verdict: 8.5/10

Posh Pants Brekkie - Smoked salmon and scrambled eggs on chunky toast

Once again, when this was served, we were 'wowed' by the massive portion. The toast like the menu suggested was 'chunky', and much thicker compared to the fish finger sandwich. It was toasted too unlike the sandwich, and it was done to perfection too, with a surface layer of crisp crust, leaving the 'inside' of the bread tasting soft. The smoked salmon came in medium cut shreds which was passable though personally I would have preferred a large slab of it. (But for £6.50, I really could not ask for too much more) All 3 slices of the toast had a gentle spread of butter to it. The scrambled eggs were also cooked to perfection, leaving just about a wee bit of 'milkiness' and tasted very soft and 'curdy'. In general, it was another fine treat!

Verdict 8.5/10

Apparently, what makes this place popular with the locals is this devilish looking brownie. Do not be deceived by the plain looks of it, for it was just about one of the best we had! The surface layer had a thin crisp crust, but the inside of the brownie tasted 'gooey' and very rich of chocolate. We were so full after the 2 big portions of sandwiches and had to take this on the go. Even when we left half of it till the following day, it still tasted as good. Little wonder why this was such a hit! We were left whining about not getting an extra slice, oh well..

Verdict: 8.5/10

When we left the cafe at about 12.30pm, it was packed full with customers waiting for a table or waiting for their take-out orders. There were plenty of other very tempting treats such as the peanut butter, chocolate and banana slice. They even have sundaes or simply cakes with additional scope of ice cream. With Ben & Jerrys ice cream to complement, I am pretty sure it tastes awesome. It was a shame though that we could not take in anymore food, but it is definitely a place we would return to if we visit Nottingham, at the very least for their to-die-for brownies. Also, they have a special menu for high-tea, offering scones and the likes along with their cakes, definitely worth a look.

On a side note, I believe Homemade offers catering services for parties or events. It would be worthwhile to check out their website while on the topic, or give them a buzz to check it out. For more details, be sure to check out www.homemadecafe.com.

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