[UK] Game On Exotic Burgers - Camden Lock Market

Saturday, June 23, 2012

Our hunt for good food in London during our two days trip brought us to Camden Town vicinity. A separate blog entry would be up soon on the pictures of this fascinating part of North London illustrated by the street markets and canalboat trips.

For now, it is about food, but one can never get too much of good food anyway, not if it is exotic burgers! After some exploration around the Camden Lock Market (East and West Yards), we were really spoilt for choice when it came to deciding our lunch, but 'Game On' caught our attention with its offering of exotic burgers. A chat with the food vendor revealed that he only serves 4 different types of exotic burgers daily at his stall, and it depends on the seasonal culling, so it could range anything from giraffe to kangaroo burgers.

After a detailed explanation of each type of meat, we decided to settle for Kangaroo and Freshwater Crocodile burgers!

The mister above was very friendly and kind indeed and took time off to explain the different way to cook the meat and how best to cook it, so as to retain the juiciness and tenderness of the meat, basically to taste it at its prime.

He misheard our orders and was beginning to cook a Springbok (top right) and Crocodile (top left) patty. However upon correction, he immediately placed a Kangaroo (bottom right) patty and jovially said that he would have the Springbok burger for lunch.

Fresh thick-cut onions and the burger buns were being pan fried concurrently at the side. It was amazing to see how juicy the crocodile patty was. The juices were oozing out as the raw meat gradually gets cooked.

Almost ready.. and the aroma was definitely beckoning for a bite!

We decided to add melted cheese on our burgers but in order to correctly distinguish the exotic meats at their original tastes, we requested for a slice out when it was finally ready to be served. Now...time for the verdict.

Freshwater Crocodile Burger with Cheese (£7 + £0.50/-)

Though the burgers came at a premium, they were definitely well worth the tastebuds experience and money. The freshwater crocodile patty tasted somewhat like chicken breast upon first bite. However with gradual tasting, there was a natural mild sweetness to the meat and a distinctly unique flavour to it which distinguished it from a normal chicken patty. Despite the very low fat content, the crocodile patty tasted very juicy and tender. There was however some gritty bits (sand or fine gravel maybe?) which was tasted, probably owed to the handling or processing of the meat.

Verdict: 7.5/10 

Kangaroo Burger with Cheese (£6 + £0.50/-)

Unlike the Crocodile white meat, Kangaroo belongs to the family of red meat, but the taste was not as overwhelming compared to venison or beef. Kangaroo meat apparently has zero cholesterol and also very low in fat. It was however rather bland in taste, and the melted cheese and onions had masked the flavours. However, on its own, it had a subtle flavour which tasted mildly rammish. It was not overwhelming unpleasant like how ill-prepared lamb may taste, but rather like the taste of cooked blood.

Verdict: 7.0/10

The burgers tasted awesome but it would be rather unlikely for us to return for the same food which explained the relatively low verdict. This is due to ethical reasons really and has nothing to do with the quality of the food, which was fresh and well-prepared. Overall, it was a very uniquely different lunch that we would remember for a long time yet.

'Game On'
Camden Lock Market (West Yard) 

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