[HK] 聚點坊點心專賣店 | Dim Sum Square

Wednesday, October 03, 2012

Nothing can surpass the standard and quality of fresh dim sum, and our visit to Dim Sum Square testified to that. Walking into the eatery gave a homely feeling, certainly a far cry from the classic dim sum eateries, but what it lacked in appearance, it surely more than compensated with their quality food. Reputable for its fresh dim sum, the chefs behind the scenes would only start cooking after a new order had been tendered, so be prepared to wait.

Creamy Custard Bun

These three innocent looking buns were anything but simple. The warm and oozing custard almost exploded when one tore the bun into half. It was fragrant, rich and dense, possessing the perfect combination of sweetness with a tinge of saltiness in the aftertaste. The bun itself was light and fluffy, providing that much desired soft texture to balance the rich custard insides.

Verdict: 8.5/10

Cheong fun with deep fried spring roll

This was a rather interesting offering and it was actually our first time trying it. It was however very pleasing to the tasting palette for its good array of texture within a single mouth bite. The steamed rice roll was soft, which complemented the deep fried crispy spring roll perfectly. The spring roll itself was packed full of crunchy vegetables and diced meat. The icing on the cake was the specially brewed soy sauce which was not overly salty yet sufficient to enhance the flavours of the dish.

Verdict: 8.5/10

Deep fried green tea mochi with custard

Unfortunately, this dish with a fanciful name was somewhat a letdown. There was no green tea taste at all in the deep fried glutinous balls, though it salvaged itself with a good texture layered by toasted sesame seeds. The custard on the inside was nothing too spectacular after trying the custard buns, though it would be worth noting that the custard in this mochi was slightly more fluid and watery. Overall, we felt that it was a dish that failed to live up to its big name.

Verdict: 6.5/10

Snowy Char Siew Buns

These delicate char siew buns looked bigger than they were on pictures, so do not be deceived. Regardless, the taste on first bite definitely won us over. We had previously bought these on takeaway but tasting it freshly baked was another story altogether. The surface of the bun was coated with a thin layer of crust, which crumbled with every bite. (There weren't too many bites to go around anyway) What was left exposed is the chunks of char siew inside, emitting a light Chinese rose wine fragrance. The addition of Chinese rose wine might not suit the likes of all, but it certainly went well by my books. On a side note, tasting of the Chinese rose wine was more subtle when the bun was cooled to room temperature and consumed as such. 

Verdict: 9.0/10

The eatery could be overlooked quite easily with its shelter and definitely took some effort if you are visiting for the first time at night. Nonetheless, we felt that it was well worth the visit and prices are highly affordable. Some hits and misses, but going for their signature snowy char siew and custard buns would most certainly bring a smile to your faces. If you are going for their takeaway, be sure to call in advance.

Dim Sum Square
88 Jervois Street
Sheung Wan, Hong Kong Island
Tel: 2851 8088

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