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Thursday, October 11, 2012

Friends in/around SMU, you're in for a treat! A pretty new cafe that's been open for about two months now has taken over the space of The Mind Cafe at SMU. And a great choice of name they have, with The Basement located at the basement. 

Extremely reasonably priced for decent brunch food, it's a place that I'll definitely visit again. Great place to beat the lunch crowd for those whose offices are nearby, with quick service and value-for-money dishes. 

Eggs Benedict with Salt-cured Salmon ($9.90)

One of their recommended dishes, a classic must-try for any brunch cafes I go to. This is the cheapest plate of eggs ben I've found in Singapore so far. And honestly, I would say that the quality hasn't been compromised at all despite its price point. Costing a minimum of around $12 elsewhere, this was done above average. I was quite surprised with the portion served, with their own concoction of potato salad and garden salad for the sides. 

The egg was just a little overcooked but it was still a good rendition with a good blend of their own hollandaise sauce. It wasn't the sourish kind, and was just right in the level of creaminess and richness such that it didn't feel jelat at all. The amount of salmon served was also just appropriate, so it gave the slight savory touch to it, yet not overpowering with the sliminess you usually associate with smoked salmon. I loved the toasted bread, it was done just right. With a slight crisp on the outside and warm soft insides, it was a great complement to the dish. Perhaps just one downside to it, I would have preferred it a little warmer though.

For the sides, you would find that the potato salad isn't the typical kind you find that's laden with mayonnaise. The mix has been specially concocted by their chef, with a combination of several herbs and more, giving its own unique blend to it. It was quite a refreshing twist, reminding me of Nando's potato salad, but on a milder note which went better with me. 

Nom Factor: 8.0/10  


This was a memorable one that woke me up instantly. With a strong shot of their own house brew of espresso, the sponge layers in between was a refreshing call for me. Topped with light cream cheese that was slightly sweet, I liked how the tastes were well complemented. Apparently, there was also Baileys added in the making of it, but it wasn't exactly very distinct. Nonetheless, I thought it was an outstanding cup of tiramisu that I'd definitely return for! (Not for those who aren't keen in strong coffee-flavoured versions though!)

Nom Factor: 8.5/10

Carrot Cake

This was quite a huge slice that I wasn't able to finish hence had it for takeaway. It's actually my first time trying carrot cake, and it turned out to be surprisingly good for me. I've never liked the idea of carrot cakes as I'm always afraid of the carrot taste in it, since I'm pretty much anti-vegetables. Decided to give it a shot finally since carrot cakes aren't very commonly found. To my surprise, it didn't have a tinge of the raw carrot taste that I was afraid of! Seeing the carrot pieces finely grated and mixed into the cake, it made me feel a bit healthier since carrots are supposed to be good. I found the cinnamon just a tad too strong and might have overpowered the taste of the cake, but then again, I'm no expert in this. I liked how it was just slightly moist, and the walnut bits at the side were a great bonus!

Nom Factor: 8.0/10 

A hidden find in town, this is perhaps one of the most affordable cafes in the area. What's more, all these were tried right after I've had a proper meal and ice-cream, so I guess it's really good to be able to whet my appetite still! It's also a very cosy space with excellent service and attentive staff. I like how they're continuously improving and constantly trying out new items. Be sure to check with their friendly staff for what's not on the menu!

Overall Nom Factor: 8.0/10
80 Stamford Road #B1-62
SMU School of Information Systems (building opposite Wendy's)

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