[SG] Confused Cooks

Monday, December 31, 2012

A little cafe space hidden in the corner of Arab Street, its dimly lit interior makes it easy to miss if you aren't on the lookout for it. Drawn to it by the interesting name and having read good reviews about the variety of cuisine, I waited in much anticipation before the food arrived. Greeted by quite an enthusiastic staff who was trying to provide us some recommendations, we soon realised that it wasn't a really reliable one as she ended up introducing almost everything on the menu. 

Hellish Beef ($15.50)

My question to her was 'What is one thing that I must absolutely try at Confused Cooks?', as I was pretty confused after her pitch. I ended up with this - Beef Burger with Jalepenos and melted cheese, with cajun fries as sides. The fries were good, crisp with every piece and had just the right amount of seasoning sprinkled on top that made it just a little salty. What made me satisfied was that this managed to stay true till the very last fry! 

The main star of the dish, however, was just a dismal attempt. The presentation alone seemed like it came out of some fast food restaurant, assembled with little effort. The first bite of the beef patty took me by shock, as there was a sourish tinge to it. The minced patty wasn't tender enough either and the flavours were too strong for me. I didn't fancy the sour-ness of the beef and well, the rest of the burger composition simply isn't worthy of any mention. Definitely overpriced for such standards!

Nom Factor: 5.5/10

Pork Loin in BBQ Sauce

This was a special dish off the usual menu, with some promotion together with some beer pairings. Thinking what can possibly go wrong with this when I saw my friend's expression, I realised that it's safer never to assume. The sauce didn't taste like BBQ sauce at all, it was just some sweet sauce that tasted pretty diluted and bland. The pork didn't taste like it had been marinated, and was simply too tough for our liking. 

Nom Factor: 4.5/10

Cosy seating space, with the kitchen just hiding behind the black curtains. 

Having tried two extremely disappointing mains, we simply didn't feel like taking the risk in trying their desserts anymore. A place with great service, but definitely not worth the calories!

Overall Nom Factor: 5.0/10
25 Arab Street 
Singapore 199724

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