[SG] Two Blur Guys

Sunday, December 16, 2012

Yet another interesting name for a cafe, it is said that the owners of this place bought the space without any idea of what to do with it initially. It wasn't until their friend came along with the idea of setting up a cafe, hence giving birth to the name of two blur guys. 

An extremely cosy space with very limited seats, it's a place that's great for small gatherings and chilling over dinner. I was attracted to it being very down-to-earth, with no fanciful decor nor menu names, what you see is just what you get. The service staff were all very friendly too, extremely accommodating to our fickle whims, getting them to come by and order item by item.  

Pulled Pork Burger

I was famished by the time I reached and this came just so timely. Extremely tender shredded pieces topped with a generous amount of cheese and a tangy sauce, it was appetising and made us crave for more. Every piece of the pork was tender with a slight bounce to the meat, this was just simple pleasure. 

Nom Factor: 8.5/10

Duck Rillette Burger

Rillettes are typically in the form of paste, and used as spread over bread or toast. This wasn't exactly to my liking, as the rillette form was too soft and it lacked the chewiness I was expecting for duck meat. Perhaps a good choice if you're feeling a tad lazy to chew that much. I wouldn't exactly recommend this for a duck burger though!

Nom Factor: 6.0/10


I'm a fake chocolate fan, so for serious chocoholics, please avoid this. I liked how this wasn't too strong and had nuts in it. The type of chocolate used wasn't bitter too and the whole brownie wasn't extremely sweet to make it very jelat. It was just slightly moist and I thought it tasted very home-baked, which I liked alot!

Nom Factor: 8.0/10

Raisin Scone

Good ol' scone with jam and butter. It would have been better if the scone was served slightly warmer. It was a tad too dry and there were some parts that seemed as though it wasn't fully baked. Would have been better if it were fluffier. 

Nom Factor: 7.0/10

Lemon Curd Tart

This was an extremely refreshing twist to our meal. It makes your nose cringe at first bite, but gets you hooked thereafter. Sour at the first encounter, the sweetness soon kicks in as an aftertaste. Well complemented with the crunchy tart (albeit a little too thick), it was quite an addictive one. It also came as  a surprise when we cut it open and the lemon curd was so soft that it simply flowed out. Quite a recommendation!

Nom Factor: 8.0/10

I would definitely visit again with the great ambience and affordable prices of the food here for dinner. After reading several other reviews, I would also be sure to try the prime beef burger, as well as the lamingtons! Recommended especially if you're working around the Tanjong Pagar area and looking for a quiet place to chill and relax after a day of work!

Overall Nom Factor: 8.0/10
1 Tras Link
#01-13 Orchid Hotel
Singapore 078867

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