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Sunday, December 02, 2012

I was quite skeptical about this place initially, thinking it was just the hype of a Michelin-starred chef that was being raved about. Tucked in a corner of Pacific Plaza, it's quite a hidden gem off the main streets of Orchard, but definitely a place that's worth revisiting over and over again. The hype surrounding it has kind of subsided and I was quite glad to find that there wasn't much crowd to my surprise. 

DD Burger ($22)
Duck leg confit burger

(top up $3 for truffle fries)

The serving portion came as quite a surprise with the burger packed with such an awful lot of duck meat in it! I was pretty impressed with this combination of duck leg confit, thinly sliced green apple, red cabbage pickles and lime mayonnaise sauce. Friends of mine would know that I've never been a fan of vegetables and would hardly stand having any traces of it in my meals. This one, however, made me chew on and enjoyed the crunch of the red pickles, coated with the refreshing sourish sweet lime mayonnaise sauce. The duck meat was really tender, none like the kind that would leave you fighting with the duck just to get a mouthful of it, nor the type that would leave shreds stuck between your teeth. The thin slices of green apple enhanced this great combination with a burst of refreshing fruity sweetness. The only thing that could have been worked on was perhaps the bread that was too thick for my liking. But then again, with such overflowing goodness for its fillings, I can't complain much!

The truffle fries aren't exactly recommended though. I thought it was just normal, and didn't have the flavours of the truffle strong enough. It was probably just a dash of truffle oil sprinkled onto it. 

Nom Factor: 8.5/10 

Chilli Crab Toastoo ($16)

This was quite an interesting blend. I'd expected the chilli crab fillings to have more of the sweet chilli flavour as prevalent in the original dish. However, this was a slightly creamier version of it, with a light hint of the chilli flavour. The presentation didn't exactly appeal to me as it was just what a sandwich machine can do easily. It was done quite well as a sandwich I would say, as I liked how crispy it was on the outside, complementing the soft and warm fillings very well. I probably wouldn't recommend this as much compared to the DD Burger, unless you're really having a random chilli crab craving. 

Nom Factor: 7.0/10 

Smoked fries ($5)

If you're having one of those savory cravings, forget the truffle fries, this would be the perfect cure. The fries were crispy till the last one standing and the seasoning was just great. Slightly salted and having a tinge of the barbeque taste, well complemented with their homemade bbq sauce or even their ketchup which somehow has its own unique twist to it. Don't belittle the ketchup, it got quite addictive after a while, as it wasn't just the usual sweet kind. It had a slight salted taste to it, which I thought went well with the fries. Good for the sides to snack on over a cuppa, best accompanied with a rainy gloomy weather on the outside!

Nom Factor: 8.0/10

Dark Chocolate and Berry Sundae ($12 each)

I'm never a fan of cream, but this just won my heart and made me crave for it now and then. It's probably one of the best sundaes I've had, a simple yet awesome combination. I didn't know that it wasn't exactly full ice-cream until my friend filled me in. It was actually half ice-cream and half chantilly cream, but gosh it tasted almost the same and you wouldn't have realised you've just eaten cream until you've read the description. I had the berry version and every mouthful got me craving for more. Topped with crispy flakes, it had a combination of mixed berries/cherries that gave the juicy touch to it and I was gladly surprised with the crunchy vanilla crumbles hidden in it! The crumble bits were filled with a rich buttery vanilla aroma that slowly spreads in your mouth as you chew and adding the cold touch of the ice-cream, it was just perfect. I liked how it wasn't too sweet and every mouthful tasted different with the variation of fruits and crumbles in it. 

The dark chocolate one was almost the same in terms of the varying textures, except the fillings were substituted with chocolate sauce and pearls so I'll leave you to your imagination!

Nom Factor: 9.0/10

 Hot caramel lava cake ($15)

They say good things come to those who wait. Indeed, after a 15 minutes wait, this was all worth it. The service staff sliced it open upon serving and then came the gooey sweet caramel oozing out of it. The warm crisp outside, accompanied with the soft cake and dense caramel sauce, topped with what seemed like toffee ice-cream coated with the same crispy flakes as on the berry sundae - it was pure indulgence. I found the insides a tad too soft and moist, but that's just a personal preference. Nonetheless, the overall combination and presentation made it a star on our table almost immediately, having instagram work doubly hard! :P

Nom Factor: 8.0/10

With the quality of food served and the great combination, this is no doubt my new found love in town. With great ambience and most importantly, super dedicated and attentive service staff, I would definitely return again. What's more, the sundae is something to crave for! Give it a shot if you happen to be around the area!

Overall Nom Factor: 8.5/10
9 Scotts Road
#01-04/05/06 Pacific Plaza (next to Shaw Towers)

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