[HK] 亞玉豆腐花 | Ah Yuk Beancurd

Thursday, January 24, 2013

Yuen Long is home to many old but famous eateries and nestled among the busy commuters and streets after streets of local gourmet food, we found a hidden gem! This little stall would have been overlooked easily shall you walk by and the only reason it caught our attention was the never-ending queue that is always present whenever we walk past.

Soybean curd (黄豆豆腐花) - $7/-

Contrary to what many claimed that the best beancurd could be found at Lamma Island or even at Ngong Ping, the one that truly suited our palate most to be worth a mention was this tried at this humble looking stall.

Served luke-warm, it was as smooth as it could get, melting literally in the mouth. There was no need to 'bite' for you could simply swallow the beancurd. It was silky smooth that you could not even taste any grittiness in the beancurd owed to the addition of gypsum powder. The aroma and fragrance of the soy bean stirred with each scoop and was matched with the richness of the soy beans. We added only brown sugar to the beancurd and skipped the syrup for the former added a subtle tinge of sweetness which lingered as after taste.

Verdict: 9.5/10

Black soybean curd (黑豆豆腐花) - $9/-

The black soybean was almost as good as the original soybean curd but the fragrance was somewhat lacking  perhaps owed to the neutral smell of black beans. The smoothness of the beancurd was flawless and velvety and being our first attempt at trying black soybean curd, I left with a satisfied tummy.

Verdict: 9.0/10

One of the traits of eating here was sitting on plastic tools just outside the stall or at only table inside. You would be expected to place your bowl into a bucket when you are done with your bowl of soybean curd!

We ordered two bottles of the soya milk (without syrup) for takeaway orders and it was rich in flavour and incredibly smooth. This was one of the best soya milk and soybean curds ever tried so far and we will certainly return for more!

*Do note that our review was based upon consuming the soybean curd fresh and warm. Would need to revisit and try the takeaway!

Shop 12, Wang Fung Building,
2 Fau Tsoi Street,
Yuen Long,
Hong Kong
Tel: 2664 9622

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