[SG] Seng Kee Black Chicken Herbal Soup

Saturday, August 03, 2013

Easties would most likely be familiar with this Tze Char place along Kembangan, Changi Road. A place to go to for supper or late night dinners, they’re known for their Herbal Mee Sua which you can spot at almost every table. With its name as Herbal Chicken, I was half expecting herbal chicken soup served in pots, only to realise that it’s used as the base for their yo ji mee sua (or pig’s liver vermicelli).
Perhaps they’re bustling with business every day, you don’t exactly get to see service in place and we had to go over to the counter to place our orders with a pretty unresponsive lady who doesn’t bother recommending dishes to first-timers.

Tofu with Chicken Floss ($9)

This seemed pretty normal on the menu but we were looking for something simple and comforting, which we found quite easily in this dish. Crisp on the outside after it’s been lightly fried, the pork floss was a delightful addition for that extra dash of sweetness. Well complemented with the typical starchy sauce for tofu, it was all simplicity at its very best.

Verdict: 8.5/10

Salted Egg Yolk in Sotong Paste ($11)

Attracted to its looks on the menu, the adventurous side in us came out again and decided to give it a shot. The combination gave rise to interesting textures and we loved the crispy ‘claws’ sticking out. It was fried till golden brown, yet no signs of it being too oily (or at least for us). The yolk, though, got a little too overwhelming for us even when it when we tried to combine each mouthful with the sotong paste, and it was quite jelat - feeling as though we were eating the insides of mooncakes. We enjoyed the dish thoroughly though, after removing the egg yolk but that’s our preference so perhaps some yolk lovers would beg to differ!

Verdict: 7.5/10

Pork Ribs ($10)

A classic that I suddenly craved for, this is one that’s hard to go wrong generally, only a matter of good or great. The sauce was thick enough though we thought it was a little too sweet, probably good to have it with some steamed rice with it being so flavourful. The meat itself wasn’t done so well, with the skin fusing with its sauce without being fried briefly for that crisp touch to it. Average dish that could have been better!  

Verdict: 7.0/10

Seafood wrapped in Beancurd Skin ($11)

This was another addictive one, with minced seafood wrapped in a thin layer of crispy skin for that crunch with every bite. Bouncy and ‘Q’ insides well complemented with the skin and best to go with the mayonnaise on the sides.

Verdict: 7.5/10

Herbal Mee Sua (Vermicelli)

What they were famous for and what got us feeling a tad disappointed. There wasn't a strong herbal taste like what I'd expected and the subtle herbal side to it surfaced only after further mouthfuls. I'd have preferred either a stronger herbal taste or the type with a light broth, while this happened to fall in between. Some would like it for the subtleness though, especially if you're not so much a fan of herbal soups. The vermicelli was done well though, it wasn't the overly sticky starchy kind that gets you feeling jelat easily.

We'd ordered the mix of pig's liver and kidney to go with the mee-sua, while I liked the right thickness of the cuts, it wasn't too fresh and had a strong porky taste to it. Overall a decent bowl of mee-sua but not spectacular enough to travel all the way there for it!

Verdict: 7.0/10  

It was almost packed when we went there on a weekday night and we were glad to find that the whole row of seats outside belonged to them, as they've gotten 3 stall spaces along that row. It may look slightly different in terms of the signboard colours that we got confused initially. Not sure whether it was just the day we went or just their normal that there wasn't any service to speak of, where their staff simply ignored us that eventually we went to the counter to place our orders and our request for additional plates never came despite asking for 4-5 times. 

Menu Display

Generally a good place for group hangouts and decent food that was pretty worth it, as you could see we were both stuffed after ordering so much (probably good for 3 pax) and the total bill came up to about $47.  

Overall Verdict: 7.5/10
467 Changi Road
Singapore 419887

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