[SG] Suprette - another brunch spot in Jalan Besar

Friday, August 23, 2013

I've read somewhere that Jalan Besar is the place where you find real foodies, people willing to go the distance for food, going through all the inconvenience just to get to a place. And even when you're driving there, there's all those random one-way streets that make you go through unnecessary detours and having to park a distance away. Indeed, we were sweating buckets by the time we reached, with no train stations nearby and rather ulu buses that seemed to operate only within the area, and another distance between the bus stop to the cafe.

So after much consultation with Google maps, we've finally arrived at Suprette, another one of those brunch spots popping up lately. Further down from Chye Seng Huat Hardware Store if you're coming from Lavender station, it's quite a bit of distance away and if you're walking, do remember to turn right after you've crossed the main road (you'd spot Jalan Besar Plaza), and keep a lookout for the hidden cafe inside Kam Leng Hotel.

Greeted by a table in the middle of nowhere and a huge sign that says Kam Leng Hotel, we were initially dubious and then found the entrance to be on the left corner, with pretty limited and small spaces available. We would have preferred the 'outdoor' seating of course, after seeing how cramped it was on the inside, but it was occupied by a group gathering.

Settling down, we took a while before registering that there wasn't much on the menu to choose from, given that we weren't exactly looking for a heavy lunch, hence forgoing the Suprette Burger which seemed to be their signature. The brunch selection was pretty limited too, with nothing especially standing out that we both decided to order plain old simple breakfasts.

 Besar Breakfast ($21)

Pretty fanciful name for its 'big breakfast', there was the usual eggs (choose from scrambled, poached or fried), bacon, ham, sausage, mushroom, roasted potatoes and homemade baked beans. I've never used to think much of scrambled eggs until I've had my fair share of mediocre ones and sad to say this was another one of those. A tad too watery, it didn't have the rich fragrance of scrambled eggs and was slightly too liquid for my liking. The rest were just normal, though my companion thought that the bacon was too salty and it wasn't the juicy flavourful sausage she was expecting.

Verdict: 7.0/10

Breakfast Set ($12)

A smaller version of the Besar Breakfast for those who'd like a light brunch, this was a portion with 2 eggs (choice of fried/scrambled/poached) and 2 sides, from the following selection:

I chose the pork sausage and roasted potatoes to go along, the simplest breakfast can get. The scrambled eggs were the same as the one for Besar Breakfast, a disappointing attempt, while the pork sausage was slightly too savory for my liking. I didn't like how it had too much water on the inside as well, whereby every slice results in an oozing sausage and when the water got into contact with the paper lining they had on their plates, it wasn't quite an appealing sight. I'd nonetheless enjoyed my portion of roasted potatoes and only wished that I had that as my 2 sides instead. Slightly spiced, it was cooked to the right softness, not too mashy yet not too hard on the jaws. But then again, I'm a potato lover, so try it for yourself!

Verdict: 7.0/10

Its items were all served on a piece of white paper lining the old school kinda yellow metal plates. I loved the rustic feel, just not sure if that is the best form for the items we had as the fluids/oil from the sausage and eggs soon surfaced and started soaking up the piece of paper, a reminder of the unhealthy oils going into your stomach. Not exactly the most appetising sight!

Just another one of those brunch hipster cafes, this didn't manage to impress us. Perhaps it was just the items we've ordered that didn't quite match up to what we were looking for, but with the pretty cramped interior, we didn't feel that the ambience was a nice hangout spot for chillin', hence quite unlikely to return again! 

Overall Verdict: 7.0/10
  383 Jalan Besar
Singapore 209001
Kam Leng Hotel Lobby

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  1. Thanks for the visit! Sorry about not meeting your standards. Try our Welsh Rarebit or Shashuka next time

    1. Hi there, thanks for popping by! Yup, thought it was probably due to the items we've ordered as well. We'll definitely try those the next time we visit :)