[SG] Drury Lane - sinfully indulgent desserts that'll bring us back for more!

Saturday, October 26, 2013

Apart from the Tiong Bahru café enclave, Tanjong Pagar has been another one lately with so many cafés around! Just down the lane opposite Cake Spade, Drury Lane is yet another of those hipster places in a shophouse.

We were just full from our high tea snacks over at SPR.MKT, but decided to pop by after checking out their Facebook and got tempted by their candy bar pie.

Candy Bar Pie ($5)

Looking at this and think of peanut butter nougat, salted caramel and chocolate tart base, how can anyone with a sweet tooth resist this sinful indulgence? Rich with a strong taste of peanut butter, it was a sticky chewy sweetness with caramel, paired with a moist chocolate crust, perfect for the sweet tooth cravings.

Do be prepared with a glass of water by the side though, as a few mouthfuls can get you jelat easily, with the overwhelming rich flavours involved. It would have been perfect if the saltish part of the salted caramel came through stronger to strike a balance, as it got a tad toooo sweet for us after a while. Great for the peanut butter lover, a richer rendition of the snickers bar for that quick sugar rush over coffee session!

Verdict: 8.0/10

Banana Bread with Espresso Butter ($2.50)

A look at the dark crusts and a whiff of the espresso was half a battle won. Moist and soft slice of banana bread, it went perfectly well with the espresso butter. We loved the strong yet not overpowering espresso taste in it, and just a subtle banana flavour in the bread. Have a taste of the crust that’s slightly charred, perfecto! A good combination, don’t expect a strong banana taste in the bread (though I would personally prefer that), and it would have been better if the bread was warmer for serving!

Verdict: 9.0/10

Distinctive red door to recognise! 

Pretty no-fuss menu

Selection of desserts

Sandwiches and pay-as-you-wish-muffins

First floor seating area

Second floor seating area

We almost missed out on these bottles of water, so remember to help yourselves before getting seated, especially if you're getting desserts!

Few of those cafes that got us thinking that we’ll be back, we’re already missing the banana bread and would want a shot at their baked eggs that sounds like the perfect start to any day! Oh, and for those looking to find a quiet space to work/study, they've got free wifi for you to tap on! More reasons to visit them I guess! :)

Drury Lane
94 Tanjong Pagar Road
Singapore 088515

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  1. the candy bar pie warrants a visit it seems, wanna check it out soon! - adel

    1. yup it was what got us there too! though we think that the banana bread is the one that'll get us coming back! :)