[SG] Master Crab Seafood Restaurant - salted egg crab that leaves you coming back for more!

Wednesday, October 02, 2013

Not quite like the Masterchef’s Master Crab, this is the friendly neighbourhood tze char stall known for its specialty in salted egg crabs raved by many. Craving for some crabs which are more accessible, we decided to settle for this at the Ghim Moh area, near Buona Vista.

Clueless as to what to get, we decided to try out their chef’s special, apparently off the menu and sounded pretty appetising.

Pumpkin Beancurd with Golden Mushroom ($12)

A combination of the things I like, I doubt this could go any wrong. A natural happy sauce, the pumpkin was smooth and thick, though I would have preferred a stronger sweetness of pumpkin coming through. Nonetheless, it blended very well with the silken soft tofu and fried golden mushroom such that it didn’t overpower the tastes of both. The varying textures were a hit with me, with crispy thin strips of golden mushroom and soft tofu going down in a smooth sweet pumpkin base.

Verdict: 7.5/10

Prawn Roll (Hei Zou) ($8)

A simple classic at any tze char you can find, it is however not as easy as it seems to have the ‘perfect one’. We thought that this was a tad too soft and ain’t crispy enough, making the minced meat portion fall out quite easily. A dish that can’t really go very wrong, this didn’t manage to impress as well.

Then came the highlight of our meal, whipping up the master’s crabs! Apparently there’s a minimum order of at least two crabs and it costs $50/kg. We wanted to try two different flavours and ended up ordering 3 crabs in 2 flavours, with each crab weighing approximately 800g. They kindly splitted the crabs equally for us, hence 1.5 crabs in each flavour!

Verdict: 7.0/10

Chilli Crab ($60)
(Each crab costs $40, and we had 1.5 crabs per portion)

I’ve been craving for chilli crabs for a while ever since the last crab indulgence at Ga-Hock Seafood. A first taste of the sauce and we thought it was a tad too sweet for us. Perhaps this was after many rounds of trying to customise to their customers’ preferences as most would know Singaporeans to go for sweeter chilli. I would however prefer a spicier version for that shiok-ness trying to quell the fire. This was a good one nonetheless, for those who’re looking for a sweeter version. The thick sauce and sweetness of it went very well with the fried buns though, and the best way to soak up the sauces!

Coming to the main star itself, you know how they say you have to work hard to taste the fruit of your labour? We experienced that indeed, with tough shells to crack open, unveiling the sweet fruit of labour. We loved the freshness of the crabs, albeit a bit small, it had the natural sweetness and was juicy enough for our liking!

Verdict: 7.5/10

Salted Egg Crab ($60)
(Each crab costs $40, and we had 1.5 crabs per portion)

The signature of Master Crab, I can see why this was such a hit! You know how a taste of some dishes just seem to be so addictive it gets you having another mouthful, and another, and another? This was one of those for us! I was afraid that the salted egg would be too jelat like what you’d typically get but this managed to have a strong fragrance to it, with a strong yet not overpowering taste. Though full of salted egg, there was still a sweet aftertaste and perhaps the use of some spices. It was so addictive that we almost tried dipping everything we’ve ordered to go with it! And if you think the buns went well with chilli crab, this was even better! Fans of salted egg crabs, this is a must-try!

Verdict: 9.0/10

A comfy space considering that it’s a tze char stall, it was well-ventilated and spacious, serving decent food overall. Plus their service staff were so friendly and even stopped us from ordering any more food! Though I’d still prefer the type of juicy succulent huge crabs at Ga-Hock as the crabs here are a tad too small, the salted egg here is one that would bring me back for more!  

Overall Verdict: 8.0/10
   19 Ghim Moh Road #01-229
Singapore 270019

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  1. Fresh and juicy crabs :O I would normally order the mantous to go along with chili crab :P

    1. yup we did too, perfect for soaking up all that salted egg sauce! :D