[SG] SPR.MKT - truffle fries worth the trip!

Thursday, October 24, 2013

Craving for some high tea treats before heading to town, we decided to explore the Tanjong Pagar cafes that have been long overdue on our list.

Off we went to this rather odd sounding café near Amoy Street Food Centre, for those who’re wondering, it’s simply Supermarket, less the vowels and jazzed up with a lil’ of that cool factor. It’s pretty easy to have missed it without a very visible signboard at its entrance. In fact, I’d continued walking upon seeing it from opposite, thinking it was some travel-related business in it, until tmcy stopped us to take a closer look.

A chic and arty layout with some daily utensils, cooking crockeries for sale and art installation pieces, it was very much a lifestyle café, perfect for the slow afternoon or lazy weekends.

 Bread Pudding with Vanilla Sauce ($6)

This looked too tempting on the display that we had to give it a shot. Served slightly warm with the vanilla sauce on the side, it helped to keep it crisp on the top as you drizzle the sauce yourself. We loved the surprise mini chocolate croissants on top, leaving us with flaky crispy pastry flakes for the contrast with soft pudding on the inside. We like how it wasn’t too sweet, and bonus was when you ate it with the chocolate croissants in one mouthful! We would have preferred it warmer though everything else managed to satisfy our palate pretty well!

Verdict: 8.0/10

Truffle Fries with Kelp & Parmesan ($12)

Just as I’ve been searching for good truffle fries, I’ve just been introduced to one of the best in town (though pretty pricey!) It looked promising when we were greeted with a strong fragrance of truffle, and served with shoestring fries, instead of fat fries where it tends to be harder to absorb the flavour.

You know how some truffle fries are simply lightly sprinkled with truffle oil on top that it just tastes like normal fries beyond the first layer? And some that are just too overwhelming that it gets jelat after a while? (which my friend calls it the ‘petroleum taste’) Well, this had neither of those. Every single fry was doused with truffle that was subtle yet addictive, and we loved how there were real truffle bits served in it. It wasn’t overpowering, and it remained crisp right down to the last fry standing! Forget the super big pile at P.S Café, forget the popular one at Au Chocolat, this is the one to come to when you’re unwilling to settle for just any truffle fries. A satisfying one, at least for me, this is my top choice so far! (but if you’ve come across any other good ones, please share with us!)

Verdict: 9.0/10

Exterior of SPR.MKT, with several seats outside for alfresco dining

Daily menu

On the inside!

We loved the blackboard school-ish feeling to this!

We haven’t tried the mains to determine the overall standards, though the sides selection were good enough to bring us back for a second time. Be sure to try the truffle fries on your visit!

2 McCallum Street
Singapore 069043

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