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Friday, December 02, 2011

Continuing from 'Journey to Chinatown Part I and II', it is the time of the day where a cup of freshly brewed black Americano with some finger food and desserts can be comforting to the body and soul. Located exclusively at the top of Ann Siang Hill, there was a flight of stairs which led to the foyer of PS Cafe. Having previously frequented the outlet at Harding Road, this place certainly lived up to expectations in terms of ambience.

With outdoor balcony seating available (which sadly did not offer panoramic views of the city, more of backalley sights, with glimpses of the tall buildings at background) this 3-storey cafe's first impression was definitely 'atas'. (high-class and posh) It was a stark contrast to Chinatown's eateries which I had just visited earlier in the day. There was even a dress code of smart casual being imposed. Seated beside the bar counter lined with Moets, and walking up the stairs, passing well-dressed Caucasians and local diners alike at their candle-lit tables, it looked like a good place for dates.

Steamed lemon pudding with lemon custard sauce (S$12.90/++)

(+) Nicely presented, could even see the steam emitting from the warm pudding.
(+) The lemon custard sauce was well-balanced.
(+) Initial acidic bite but subtly soothed by the sweetness of custard.

(-) The ice cream was not cold enough, nor the pudding hot enough.
(-) Failed to deliver the expected 'hot-cold' oomph sensation.
(-) The pudding on its own tasted no more special than a normal lemon sponge cake.
(-) It was not 'curdy' enough as I felt that it lacked the density expected of a pudding.
(-) Borderline 'treacly' for the sweetness overwhelmed the sour tinge expected from a lemon dessert.

Verdict: 7.0/10

Truffle Shoestring Fries with grated parmesan and parsley tossed in truffle oil
A little tidbit about truffle oil - Contrary to popular belief, truffle oil does not actually contain any truffles. It is primarily an element that contains truffles aroma blended into olive oil.

(+) When the fries were being served, it was like 'WHAM!', that smells 'goooood!!'
(+) Very crispy and the long skinny fries were evenly fried till each is golden brown.
(+) Sprinkled with sea salt, fries that has partial melted parmesan cheese tasted 'fantabulously good'.
(+) Not overly greasy, which helped to give the fries a good crunch.

Despite all the controversy surrounding truffle oil being incorporated into food, this was my first try and...
(-) The fragrance of the french fries masked the expected flavour and aroma of truffle.
(-) Was rather meretricious, nicely presented with a flowery classy name, goods wise sadly not on par.
(-) Apart from the lack of flavours from how truffle should taste, it is an awesome plate of french fries, though it is definitely priced at a premium, S$15/++

Verdict: 7.5/10

PS Cafe at Ann Siang Hill Park
45 Ann Siang Road, #02-02, Singapore 069719

Customer Service: I was not impressed with the service at all. Not that I was desperate for smiles, but I expected better. It is only industry standard that showing displeasure to customers is a taboo.

P.S: The lavatory for the gents was small and cramped, with a large window overlooking the outside streets, which I felt rather uncomfortable considering the urinal was located right beside. With a large vase stuffed full of flowers, it was a refreshing and 'fragrant' experience to say the least, but the bouquet was so large that I had to arch my body to reach the tap of the basin. Not impressed unfortunately.

If you are looking for a place to unwind, have some drinks or even a romantic date, then this would be ideal. Be prepared however to pay a premium.

Song of the moment: 'Best thing I never had' by Beyonce.

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