[SG] Le Cafe Confectionery II

Sunday, December 18, 2011

Following my previous visit to Le Cafe Confectionery, I had a sudden craving for their pastries so I headed down to Middle Road after running my errands. Apart from purchasing some of the reviewed pastries, I decided to try their swiss roll, since that was about the only confection I had yet to try in my years of patron. It was slightly difficult to make up my mind on which swiss roll for you do not see the actual swiss roll, but just pictures and names. With a disposition for strong flavours, I opted for a safe choice, the Coffee Swiss Roll and that was a perfect supper treat to conclude my weekend.

Coffee Swiss Roll

(+) The strong coffee aroma filled the air immediately as I opened the simple white box.
(+) Very refined soft sponge cake, 'melt-in-your-mouth?' - definitely.
(+) Rich coffee-flavoured cream sandwiched between the soft sponge cake.
(+) Despite its richness, the coffee cream complemented and not overwhelmed the cake.
(+) Not sweet.
(+) Relatively light in taste, but full-bodied coffee flavoured.
(+) Perfect for supper indulgence since it was a 'rich yet light treat'.

Verdict: 9.0/10

264 Middle Road
Singapore 188990
Tel: (+65) 6337 2417
Spoilt for choice as always..
Lack of physical entities of the cakes...and oops did I just notice the 'No Photography' sign?

In the mood to pamper ourselves further, we opened the new bottle of ice cold Baileys Irish Cream sitting in the fridge. With a glass of Baileys served 'on the rocks', it was a sinful indulgence, but calories definitely well worth. For novelty's sake, we even tried prying a small slice of the swiss roll and dapped it with Baileys. Literally like what the name suggested, the cake absorbed the Baileys like a sponge and momentarily, our indulgence was heightened to a whole new experience!

Unfortunately, there is no 'Song of the Moment' as we are busy enjoying our supper and laughing at Jeremy Clarkson on Top Gear!

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