[SG] Chew Kee Eating House

Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Walking along the narrow pavements down Upper Cross Street was an exhilarating experience for the senses as whiffs of the traditional Chinese medicine (TCM) lingered in the air. Located just within the parameters of Chinatown, it was no wonder that it was a popular spot for TCM shops. There must be about some 6-8 of them each lined with glass bottles of ginseng and 'dong quai' at the shopfront.  

Gingerly treading the pathway avoiding puddles of water due to the rain, we finally arrived at this unassuming and rather inconspicuous coffee shop which spanned over two shop lots. Along the way, there was a similar newer-looking eating house which according to my friend was a sibling stall to Chew Kee. Another one of your classic sibling-rivalry stories which was of no significance to us as long as they pacify our growling stomachs and of course, dainty tastebuds!

Soy Sauce Chicken

(+) Very tenderly soft and smooth chicken pieces, especially the thigh and drumstick meat.
(+) Chicken breast portions were commendably good. Succulent and no dry parched pieces.
(+) Probably one of the best soy chicken I had ever tasted.
(+) Soy sauce was well absorbed into the skin and it was very fragrant.
(+) Despite being drenched in the soy sauce, it was not salty at all.
(+) The skin was not too fat but juicy with natural sweetness from the chicken enhanced by the soy sauce.
(+) Definitely an ambrosial treat to delight the palate.

Verdict: 9.0/10

Soya Sauce Chicken Noodles

(+) Al dente, really your perfect plate of noodles.
(+) Slightly chewy, elastic, perfectly dipped in the soy sauce.
(-) Presentation wise could be improved.

Verdict: 9.0/10

Wanton dumpling soup
(+) Crunchy bits from the water chestnut gave a varied mouthfeel and natural sweetness.
(+) Soft meat dumplings were well complemented by the crunch.
(+) Dumplings were nicely wrapped, none had burst skin.
(+) Despite so, the skin was thin and did not gave that yucky-too-much-starch taste.
P.S: I only ate the dumplings and avoided the soup. As a general thumb of rule, I usually give outside soup a miss as an attempt to cut down the sodium and MSG intake so I cannot comment much on its taste.

Verdict: 8.5/10

Bok Choy (Oily Vegetables)

(+) Not overly poached, perfect just to retain the crunchiness of bok choy.
(+) Crispy onion fried bits went very well with the simple tasting vegetables.
(+) Fragrance of the dish was not merely from the oyster sauce also the evenly mixed signature soy sauce.
(-) Would enjoy it better if there were more of the onion fried bits.

Verdict: 8.0/10

It was a very satisfying lunch treated by Lindy! In fact when we arrived, the food had just been served so there was no waiting. Being one of those simple looking culinary fares (which I believe is nowhere close to easy in preparing), it is definitely one of those local delights that I would look back next month when I return to UK and salivate.

Chew Kee Eating House
8 Upper Cross Street, Singapore 058327
Tel: (+65) 6222 0507
9am-7pm daily except Fridays.

Song of the moment: 孤单不要怕 by JW

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  1. The difference between Chiew Kee (the sister's stall at No. 8) and Chew Kee, the brother's stall can be rather significant.

    Taste is subjective indeed but I prefer the sister's stall.


    1. Thanks for the inputs Tiantianchi! Somehow my earlier reply to your comment did not get publish, probably some glitch. Really appreciate the sharing on Makansutra..wow and that was a very comprehensive comparison you drew up there! Unfortunately would have to be at least another 6 months before I next return to Singapore to try out the other stall, but surely on my must-eat list :D