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Thursday, December 19, 2013

Of the many dessert places which we visited in Bangkok, there was one particularly memorable 'sweet-tooth' experience at After You Dessert Cafe. It seemed too good to resist and at the few main shopping malls in Bangkok, a queue for a table seemed inevitable. When it comes to franchises, we always thought that nothing beats the original stall and following our visit to the nearby Soul Food Mahanakorn, we walked down Thong Lor to satisfy our sweet tooth craving!

Baby Shibuya Honey Toast (155 THB)

Offered in two sizes, we were still pretty stuffed full from dinner and decided to go for the lighter option. Recommended as one of their signatures, it was not difficult to figure out why when a scan across the neighbouring tables spotted this on almost every table.

Even with the 'Baby' size, the toast was still sufficient to share among two and having been sliced and parted lightly to reveal nine portions, it was served with two scoops of creamy rich vanilla ice cream. What made this dessert sensational was the extremely crisp surface to the toast only to taste a pillow-like fluffy texture on the inside that had a strong buttery fragrance to it and a mild tinge of sweetness from the Shibuya honey infused within. Enjoyed with the melting ice cream, it was pure joy and ecstasy to stuff ourselves silly with mouthfuls of the fresh toast!

Verdict: 9.0/10

Chocolate lava (155 THB)

When this was recommended as a signature dessert, I was thinking, 'Oh no, not again. Another one of those pseudo chocolate lava desserts?' Thankfully it was nowhere close to your pedestrian rendition and in fact, it was one of the best I had ever had.

The basics to making the chocolate lava dessert were spot-on. The chocolate cake had a beautiful crisp texture to its crust surface that acted like a gentle casing to contain all that warm chocolate hidden within. Pressing the dessert knife through that crust revealed a warm and viscous dark chocolate that truly delivered the essence of what a chocolate lava cake should be like, in terms of aesthetics and quality. The accompanying scoop of vanilla ice cream gave that much desired 'hot-cold' contrast to each mouthful and simply enhanced the richness of the warm chocolate, which quite simply was the star on the plate.

Verdict: 8.5/10

Tropical fruit pavlova (185 THB)

The menu has a set of seasonal specials which changes from time to time. During our visit, the three featured desserts were cookie choux, panooki and this. Given that we had rather 'heavy' desserts that weighed on our palate, especially with the dark chocolate and honey toast, we were after something 'tangy' and light to find a balance.

This had to be one of the top pavlovas tried. A meringue-based dessert, it had a crisp crust and soft, light inside. While it sound awfully simple, it required skill and technique to master a good pavlova. The ingredients were harmoniously pieced together to find that balance between flavours with fresh mangoes, sliced bananas and passion fruit being used which complemented each other perfectly to leave a memorable impression on our palate. The sharp tang from the passion fruit cut through the sweetness of the mangoes and the bananas, mmmm, it really tasted too good to resist!

There was even an extra container which contained the passion fruit puree which one could add to the dessert if you crave for a stronger punch of flavours!

Verdict: 9.0/10

Like most dessert places, the ordering system was by the counter where payment would be taken. Have your table number handy too as the fresh, made-to-order desserts would be sent to your table separately.

The service was meticulous as they were most courteous and patient in providing recommendations. There was even a free-flow service of non-sweetened iced tea where customers could enjoy in addition to the sweet treats. When we were about to leave and were asking for directions to our next destination, the lady actually joined us on the main streets and was going to explain to the taxi-driver for us! A truly commendable service with some brilliant desserts to match. Highly recommended and certainly on our 'must-try' list for Bangkok!

After You Dessert Cafe
J Avenue, Thong Lor 13
Tel: +66 (0) 2712 9266

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