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Saturday, December 14, 2013

I’ve heard quite abit of raving reviews and stamps of approval for their coffee. Located so conveniently (for me at least) at HollandV, it’s added a touch of chillax-ness to the already laidback town.

We went on a Sunday afternoon and it was awfully crowded considering it was already 3pm. While eager to hop onto the seemingly empty tables, do take caution in looking out for some seemingly weird personal belongings used by some to chope their tables. Come early if you’d want the swing seats, it’s highly coveted!

The place works entirely self-service, so if you’re lazy to climb up and down like us, place your orders at the second floor first and send the rest up and away to hunt for seats.

A narrow corridor bustling with a confusing line of people waiting for their coffee and people waiting to place orders, make sure you’ve queued correctly! So after placing your orders, you’re typically asked to wait for your coffee first and then passing you the buzzer which vibrates later when the rest of your orders are done. Tip: do check with the barista on the latte art they can do to have more than just hearts on your coffee!

English Breakfast ($16.50)

There isn’t much choice for brunch if you’re looking at having some eggs and we decided to settle for this and classic eggs ben. You know how such breakfasts can be quite disappointing sometimes with the combo tasting like it came straight from the NUTC packages. This came as quite a surprise, with the scrambled eggs tasting well-balanced and not too creamy, and the brioche slightly toasted. Mushrooms were flavourful enough and the sausage was decent too.

Best part of all, I loved the slab of bacon chunk – it doesn’t qualify as our usual bacon slices and I’d thought it was chicken initially! So if you’re a bacon fan, order more of this!

Verdict: 7.0/10

Eggs Benedict ($13.50)

I’ve had so many disappointing ones that I’ve learnt to lower my expectations for this. This, however, managed to serve up perfectly poached eggs, with every ounce of the yolk flowing. The hollandaise sauce was a great complement to it, with the right amount and creaminess so that it doesn’t overwhelm. I would have loved a more buttery version, though this was decent enough. Finally one of the few cafés serving up decent eggs benedict!

Verdict: 7.5/10

Latte (+$3 with order of brunch) / Mocha (+$3.60)

First impression, I didn't like the coffee stains on the cup even before drinking. A classic latte that I'd ordered, I find this lacking in flavour. I would have preferred my coffee to be more robust, while this just had a tad of bitterness in it without the aroma and the full flavour. I found too bland for my liking while my partner found her mocha too sweet. 

Verdict: 6.0/10

Flat White ($5)

This sure does test the barista’s skills with flat white having a higher percentage of coffee to milk. My friend commented that this was alright though I still find it lacking that robust-ness in flavour. The bear art certainly caught our attention first and we started posing non-stop with the humongous bears and the bear latte. So if you’re planning on a trip there, be sure to ask for some pretty latte art!

Verdict: 6.0/10

Good thing to have huge bears that we can pose with! 

Where you'd place your orders and wait for your coffee before being buzzed for your mains later on, a pretty hot and stuffy place to be! 

The sliced cakes didn’t look quite appealing and we’d given it a miss, though we heard that their cheesecake is good. Doubt we’ll be back anytime soon with the ever-increasing brunch places on list and just decent food.
A strategic location for those looking to chill, I tend to find it too crowded and noisy for my liking. The seating wasn’t very comfortable either and we’d ended up on some kiddy table, though having fun with the humongous bears. Though with two levels of seating, it was still very cramped, unless you’d like to brave the weather for some alfresco seating.

It irks me too to have tardy service and duties are not quite well separated that it confuses first-timers even at the ordering stage. Bringing up your orders might be challenging with the heavy plates and the climb up if you’re seated on the 3rd floor. I was told that the coffee is usually much better with the owners brewing it themselves usually, though we’d tasted otherwise for this visit. Definitely not on my must-try list, but would suffice for some random eggs ben cravings.            

Overall Verdict: 7.0/10
273 Holland Ave
Singapore 278992

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