[SG] Becasse Bakery Singapore | sumptuous mains but desserts failed to shine

Monday, December 16, 2013

The famed artisanal brand from Australia finally opened doors in Singapore at ION Orchard and Dempsey as a bakery and full-service restaurant. We had been anticipating its opening months back and better known as a 'bread lover' by my co-authors at mycc, it was no wonder that we made a special visit together to the bakery over the weekend!

Under the family of Australia F&B brand, Jones the Grocer, can Becasse Bakery live up to its reputation?

Eggs Royale (S$21/++)

Served with smoked salmon, the poached eggs rested nicely atop some sautéed spinach and on a thick slice of pain de mie, which is similar to a pullman loaf or regular sandwich bread. It is a type of bread which is sweeter than most French breads but certainly palatable in this rendition with a nice crust. It was also thick enough to absorb the essence of Hollandaise sauce and egg yolk, yums!

We felt that the free range eggs were slightly small and you could taste the quality of it, especially with the thin layer of egg white and a burst of that rich egg yolk as we pressed our knife through.

Much could be said about the eggs as they should have been handled better. You could see from the above picture that a portion of the egg yolk was overcooked. Apart from the technique or rather control of timing in poaching the eggs, the chive-based Hollandaise sauce had a rich and creamy taste that packed a punch of flavours and left a tangy after-taste from the lemon juice. Personally, I enjoyed it a lot better than the pseudo cafes out there offer but our other mycc author, Swee, begs to differ and found it a touch too sour for her liking. It was however a general consensus that the smoked salmon was fresh and I especially enjoyed the generous portion size.

Verdict: 8.0/10

Croque Madame (S$16/++)

Recommended by the server as one of Becasse's signatures, the classic croque madame was served to perfection, almost. Let me explain why.

We loved the beautifully toasted brioche that was used to make the croque-monsieur which meant grilled ham and cheese sandwich. Expect to find a generous portion of smoked leg ham and melted Gruyère cheese sandwiched in between and each mouthful was calories-laden yet highly pleasing to our palate. If you are after something savoury, this would surely fit the bill.

The truffle baked free range egg however was quite a disappointment. While it carried a light tinge of fragrance from the truffle with each spoonful, the eggs were poorly handled as one of the two eggs was overcooked while the other was left slightly runny. Once again, the chef's egg-handling technique was being challenged.

Verdict: 8.0/10

Crab & Avocado Sandwich (S$23/++)

Divided between choosing the Becasse Wagyu Burger and this, I went for a lighter option and chose this beautiful Alaskan King Crab sandwich which had avocado, shallots, lemon mayonnaise and baby cos. It was just the perfect choice for a relaxing afternoon if you craved for a light yet palatable meal to awake your stomach. Surprisingly light, the first mouthful was a burst of freshness from the king crab and it was beautifully complemented by the lemon mayonnaise which gave it an extra tang. You could also taste the natural sweetness of the king crab and while I am usually very particular about the seafood, this surely left me very satisfied.

The accompanying salad served on the side tasted fresh and crisp. The only complaint was that it could do with a little more balsamic vinegar dressing.

Verdict: 8.5/10


While the mains passed the mark for us, we surely could not give the pastries a miss since Becasse is a bakery-restaurant afterall! Before we had the desserts, we had some drinks to 'cleanse' our taste buds.

Long black coffee (S$5/++)

No surprised for guess, a plain black coffee for me anytime, without sugar and milk, of course. I actually loved the coffee served. The acidity was mild and there was a beautiful aroma to it. If you enjoy a simple, decent cup of medium-bodied coffee, this would be it.

Verdict: 8.0/10

Dark chocolate and raspberry macaron milkshake (S$10/++)

The milkshake was rich, creamy and generally it was within expectations. We liked the crunch bits within the milkshake and served with a macaron, it was surely slightly different from the norm. The raspberry macaron however failed to shine and somewhat led the downfall of the brunch meal.

The shells of the macaron was too stiff and lacked the soft-melt-in-your-mouth on the inside. The filling was a sweet and viscous raspberry jam and truthfully, I did not enjoy it as much compared to some better ones tried. While it was regarded as macaron milkshake, it was really a dark chocolate milkshake with some raspberry sauce within and a raspberry jam macaron served on the side. We also felt that the colouring used on the macarons were too 'artificial' for our liking.

Verdict: 7.0/10

Gateau Opera (S$7/++)

When we asked for their signature cakes, we were actually informed that they do not actually have a 'signature' and the gentleman informed about some of the best seller cakes and his personal favourites. We did a quick Google search and found some matching answers.

The classic Opera cake was ordered and the presentation was rather distasteful to say the least. Firstly, I would not expect to be served a smudged slice of cake. Secondly, the chocolate glaze that layered the top layer of the cake was uneven and looked dull. Lastly, there were candle-holes on the surface of the cake?!

Moving on, the taste failed to impress. The almond sponge cake was too dense and tasted too dry. Separately, the ganache and coffee buttercream failed to shine. While we usually try not to waste food, on this occasion, we felt that it was more important not to waste calories and left the cake unfinished.

Verdict: 5.5/10

Banana salted peanut brittle tart (S$5.50/++)

Fortunately, there was some saving grace from this tart, which had a beautiful combination of flavours and textures. The two ladies on the table found the tart too sweet for their palate and it satisfied my sweet-tooth craving just fine. We enjoyed the crisp and crunchy peanut brittle atop a quality sweetened cream. Finely sliced bananas and a thin crust laid base to the tart. 

Verdict: 7.5/10

The customer service was okay, well, nothing to impressive to give a shout-out. The restaurant was located on the top-floor of ION Orchard and despite it being in the middle of the busy shoppers, it offered a relaxing and comfortable ambience. Definitely one of the nicer places to head for brunch or stop by for a rest after a busy day of shopping! We would return for the mains and the pastries (also available for takeaway, such as the croissants) but would probably give the cakes a miss.

Becasse Bakery
ION Orchard, 2 Orchard Turn
#04-27, 32 Orchard, Singapore 238801

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