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Sunday, June 15, 2014

Another cafe? was our reaction while brainstorming for places to chill at over the weekend. Craving for the good ol' classic eggs ben at Choupinette, we'd finally settled at Assembly nearby for a coffee break. 

A cosy (or cramped) space, it only allows for about 20 pax seating, with a communal table that's a classic in cafes now. 

Out of curiosity wondering what could possibly be different, I decided to try ordering their coffee, deconstructed.  

Deconstructed Latte ($8)

There's no hidden secret to drinking this, just have all of them separated was what we were told. Feeling slightly cheated, deconstruction is more than taking the dish (or drink in this case) apart. Deconstruction usually involves adding a new element when putting the dish together again. 

The espresso shot alone was a tad too sour for my liking, though the constructed version, complete with latte art, managed to impress. Robust enough with a rounded finish, I liked how the milk didn't overpower its flavour. Something I'll go back for! (though I'd probably order a normal latte instead)

edit/ a further clarification from Assembly enlightened us with their deconstructed form; It's served to allow customers to understand the individual components of milk coffee. Its intended consumption is to first slurp the espresso where most of its flavours come from, then sip the side of milk steamed and textured to a temperature where its natural sweetness and velvety texture is brought out before enjoying the latte! 

Earl Grey Waffles with Salted Caramel Ice Cream ($11.50)

A signature that you'd see at almost all tables for that mid-day snack, its first cut didn't quite make the mark for us already. We would have preferred it to be crispier, and a stronger mark of earl grey in its waffles. I didn't quite like the caramel sauce on top, which left an artificial aftertaste. 

Snickers Tart

Tempting by its name alone, it's every bit like a snickers bar. Slightly too hard for my liking after being left in the fridge, its tart base was disappointing, falling apart easily that it seemed like two separate components hard-forced in one. 

A good place for chilling out, provided you managed to hog a seat in the small area, I'd probably go back for its coffee rather than its desserts. Drop by after you've satisfied your palate with some good old prata next door perhaps! 

p.s/ unlike what some other reviews have said, they don't provide WiFi access. 

Overall Verdict: 7.0/10 
 26 Evans Road 
Singapore 259367

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