[SG] District 10 Bar Tapas Restaurant | Family-friendly weekend brunch!

Wednesday, June 18, 2014

District 10 opens its fourth branch at The Star Vista with the concept of a bar with different themes at each outlet, we came to this one which allows diners to chill out and enjoy tapas at the bar table. However,we are here today in anticipation of their newly introduced brunch menu available only on weekends!

When it comes to daytime on weekends, it becomes so family-oriented unlike the usual perception we've had prior to this visit. There are inflatable bouncer at the outdoor dining area, tiny chairs and tables for children to have some fun themselves in the midst of the chitchat sessions of mummies and daddies. Attentively, there is also a kid's menu with animals on it provided with colour pencils for them to play!

Spanish Omelette with Bell Peppers, Mushrooms & Chorizo | $14++

We appreciated the generous amount of food they served here, with a big patch of omelette as main and together with sides of half a grilled tomato, hash brown and plenty of rocket salad. The crunchy bell peppers mixed in the omelette complemented well with the soft mushroom, flavoursome chorizo and eggs. A simple dish well executed.

District 10 Eggs Benedict | $16++
Poached Eggs on Toasted Muffin with Sautéed Spinach, Smoked Salmon & Hollandaise Sauce

While the serving was similarly generous for this dish, the major drawback was the hollandaise sauce on the poached eggs was not thick and creamy enough, perhaps due to the imbalanced proportion of egg yolk and butter. The muffin was toasted to perfection together with smoked salmon and sautéed spinach that sat on top, which completed the dish.

Pandan-Coconut Pancake with Gula Melaka Syrup | $9++

We thought that this dish had the best mixture of ingredients out of others, it was a fusion of Southeast Asian and Western cuisine. We loved the fact that the pancake was actually made from pandan and coconut, as well as drizzled with gula melaka syrup replacing maple syrup or honey on top made the dish addictive! The drawback of it would be texture of the pancake tasted like 'kueh' which lacked fluffiness, though some might like the way they did.

Pizza Margarita with Tomato and Buffalo Mozzarella | $19++

This was not part of the brunch menu but you could order from their main menu. We loved this simple yet delicious thin crust pizza as it was the highlight of the whole tasting. A harmonious combination of tomato sauce and cheese spread was nicely complemented by the soft and chewy buffalo mozzarella that was evenly placed on top of each slice of the pizza. We unknowingly finished the pizza slice by slice! 

Antioxidant (Peach, Green Apple, Mango and Strawberry) | $13++

We find that there are always different types of juices out there which try too hard to blend many different types of fruits which may not always turn out tasting pleasant. This particular rendition with peach, green apple, mango and strawberry turned out surprisingly smooth and good! After drinking this antioxidant-rich juice, it certainly made our calories count!

Lime Freeze (Lime Juice, Sweet & Sour Mix and Ice) | $13++

We loved the fact that the lime juice tasted fresh unlike those pseudo, artificial tasting versions. Also,there was a good balance in sweetness and sourness which made it very enjoyable even for those with a low tolerance for acidity. It was a very refreshing drink on a Sunday morning and definitely a cooler to help remove the heat in the hot weather!

Apart from their tapas, now diners could enjoy their new affordable brunch mains at a relaxed ambience surrounded by laughter!

Overall Verdict: 7.5/10

District 10 Bar Tapas Restaurant
The Star Vista
1 Vista Exchange Green #01-42/K3

P.S: A special thank you to Joy for the invitation and hosting the tasting session!

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