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Friday, June 27, 2014

I've always avoided this due to the seemingly hot space under the sun. Thankfully when we'd reached, there were indoor seats to avoid the scorching sun this season.

Truffle Fries | $11++
Our perennial favorite of fries tossed with white truffle oil and paste, sprinkled with a layer of parmesan cheese.

Skinny truffle fries is always half the battle won as they tend to absorb the flavour better. I like the crisp yet not over-fried thin fries, though the truffly taste wasn't strong enough for me. My personal favourite is still the one at SPR.MKT, though this was still a pretty addictive one!

Tempura Egg | $16.50++
Deep fried half cooked egg on toast, rosti, mushrooms, mixed greens, bacon and grilled tomato, served with home-made hollandaise.

Feeling a knack for breaking out of the usual eggs ben/pancakes for brunch, this sounded the most interesting. Indeed, came a seemingly harmless tempura coating, harbouring perfectly poached eggs within. It came with a wasabi-flavoured hollandaise, though it tasted more like wasabi mayo, paired with crunchy sweet peas lain underneath the egg for a perfect balance of textures and flavor.

Tiramisu and Chocolate Pancakes | $12.50++
Kahlua, Mascarpone cheese, chocolate flakes, coff ee concentrate and Chocolate hersheys ice cream. 

I would honestly recommend that you stop at their mains for a more pleasant experience. Thick pancakes with a slab of cream in between, it was quite a chore eating it, as cutting the pancake would mean squeezing out everything in between. There wasn't much tiramisu taste, though the scoop of chocolate ice cream managed to salvage the dish with its super rich flavours.

While we'd enjoyed our dishes, it was probably not the best combination to order together as it felt a little too oily at the end of the meal. We went at about 3plus when it was pretty empty and managed to get ourselves pretty comfy seats indoors (at least away from the scorching heat these days!).

Overall Verdict: 7.5/10

281 Holland Ave, #01-01

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